Cyrille Lecroq invents a connected stethoscope for remote consultations

René Laennec invented the stethoscope in 1816 by observing children playing on an oak beam with a needle. Engineer Cyrille Lecroq took part in the battle against Covid-19 to modernize it in his spare time. Read more

TMC´S buddy project: een warm welkom in Nederland

TMC is niet alleen actief in verschillende landen, maar verwelkomt ook getalenteerde Employeneurs van over de hele wereld. Bijna 20% van de in Nederland werkende Employeneurs is uit een ander land afkomstig, en daar is TMC trots op. Het bedrijf werkt hard om de gehele expat community zo goed mogelijk te helpen. Het Buddy project is daar een krachtig bewijs van. Het heeft al veel internationale Employeneurs een warm welkom geboden. Lees verder

Private Ear and TMC are working on a natural hearing system for musicians

Gerrit Eijkelboom has two major hobbies, and they both involve a lot of loud sounds: (rock)music and racing cars. A few years ago, the always being surrounded by loud music caused him to suffer Tinnitus, a type of hearing damage. This made Eijkelboom decide to do something about this problem. “I really had the need for a new kind of hearing protection. One that allows you to experience the intensity of music without the number of decibels causing problems. Read more


It all started 3 years ago as a small project at TMC. Today it is an impressive project in which 9 people from different technical disciplines participate. Danny Hameeteman, co-founder of Sita Robotics and one of the initiators of the TEL project Throwabot, has been working on the project since 2016. Read more

The three categories of algorithms within machine learning explained

Machine Learning is becoming an increasingly important topic within artificial intelligence. There are many ways to implement machine learning, but first you will have to choose an algorithm which is suitable for what you will develop. Within machine learning, there are many kinds of algorithms. These can be divided into three main categories: supervised learning, unsupervised learning and reinforcement learning. Romain Huet, Senior Data Scientist at TMC, explains these different categories and when they can be used. Read more

6 ways to beat the work-from-home-blues

It might have sounded good at first, working from home for a while. Decide on your own working schedule, no traffic on the way to work, less distraction from your colleagues... But after working remotely for a while, with no end date in sight yet, the work-from-home-blues are kicking in. We give you some tips and tricks to stay happy and motivated. This is not just good for your own mental health, but also for your relationships with your loved ones and colleagues. Read more

A new way of working in 2020

The coronavirus has the world in its grip. Who would have thought a virus could turn the world upside down like that in only a few weeks? The government is taking extreme measures to control the virus. This has far-reaching consequences for businesses, and employees must work from home (where possible). For many companies, this brings new challenges. As a high-tech consultancy company, TMC is fortunately well prepared for working remotely. Our colleague Lotte shared her new way of working with RTL Nieuws. How do you make sure you can work [...]

Machine learning in de praktijk

Artificial intelligence, machine learning en deep learning. Deze begrippen zijn booming en er is dan ook veel over te lezen. Het gaat voornamelijk over hoe deze nieuwe toepassingen technologie en de wereld op zijn kop zetten. Wat voor velen niet duidelijk is, is hoe deze nieuwe ontwikkelingen nu daadwerkelijk toegepast worden. Er zijn immers al veel bedrijven die diverse projecten met AI hebben afgerond. Lees verder

TMC uit Eindhoven haalt groei uit buitenland

Per saldo toont hij zich niet ontevreden met de resultaten van vorig jaar van de vestigingen in Eindhoven, Delft, Utrecht en Enschede waar TMC net is gestart. ,,We moesten de teruggang van ASML managen", geeft Manders aan. Lees verder [Bron: ed]

Jaap van der Heijden: TMC Employeneur, and owner of

The fact that TMC attributes great value to its Employeneurs, and in particular to their personal development, is demonstrated by the story of Jaap van der Heijden. Jaap is TMC Employeneur and works as Project Leader at Bosch Transmission Technology. He’s also part-time involved in his own company Read more