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Complete surface inspection with 3D smart sensors

Surface inspection can be a highly complex task especially with product shapes such as wood flooring panels where you need to inspect both large areas of the panel surface finish at the same time as detailed high-resolution profile of the tongue and groove sides. This article explains how to master this challenge in a single work step. By combining different LMI 3D laser line profilers into a single system allows you to scan large areas and at the same time capture the smallest details in high resolution. Read more

Two machine vision systems secure quality of aluminium trays

Aluminium trays are used worldwide in a wide range of shapes for packaging food. Novelis Deutschland GmbH, with the help of the system integrator, Industrielle Sensorsysteme Wichmann GmbH (ISW), and based on machine vision components from STEMMER IMAGING, has produced a two-stage inspection system to check the quality of the trays. Read more and watch the video

Imaging systems for sports tracking

 Machine vision technology does not only achieve extraordinary results in industrial applications, it is also very useful in other areas. The following article shows some examples from the sporting world. Read more and watch the video

Heat-sealed joint inspection with hyperspectral imaging

"As far as I know there is no other food production plant in the world that uses a hyperspectral imaging system to inspect the heat-sealed joint on the packaging, thus providing 100% certainty that every single cheese package meets the requirements for air-tightness". Read more and watch the video

The show must go on! Keeping 3D projection mapping on track

Machine vision expertise from STEMMER IMAGING helps disguise, one of the world’s leading providers of experience production software and media servers to deliver spectacular visual experiences at live events. The 3D camera/projector systems allow video content to be projected perfectly onto complex geometric surfaces such as stages, cars, buildings and domes. Read more

Automatic marble finishing by an innovative machine vision system

A highly sophisticated custom-made machine from Böhm AG in Thuringia is the first of its kind worldwide to enable the fully automated refinement of marble. The innovative system uses machine vision from STEMMER IMAGING to guarantee the reliable removal of undesired structures in the stone reducing its value. Read more and watch the video