Renishaw Equator™ gauge enables production growth at major aerospace manufacturer

When Senior Aerospace Weston wanted to become more efficient in the inspection of critical machined aerostructure parts, the company turned to Renishaw and its class-leading Equator™ gauging system. The Equator gauge has cut inspection times per part by around 75% and introduced more comprehensive component traceability. Read more and watch the video

VIONiC™ encoder series

The VIONiC encoder series is Renishaw's highest performing incremental optical encoder. It provides direct digital position feedback with superior metrology, fast speeds and high reliability. The VIONiC readhead integrates Renishaw's market proven filtering optics and advanced interpolation technology. This provides ultra‑low Sub-Divisional Error (SDE), excellent dirt immunity, and eliminates the need for additional adaptors or separate interfaces. Read more

Het juiste kalibratie-systeem kiezen

Het juiste kalibratie-systeem kiezen is essentieel om een bekend en herhaalbaar niveau van proces capaciteit vast te leggen. Michael Wilm, Calibration Business Manager, licht toe. Lees het gehele artikel [Bron: qualitymag]

What does reliability mean to us?

Every encoder we design is built to last. We put the product through tests that go far beyond normal operating conditions. Read more

Equator™ gauging system improves manufacturing process at Olympus

Manual gauging processes were incapable of delivering the throughput necessary to achieve a high-volume part-manufacturing target at Olympus NDT. By automating inspection processes using a programmable shop floor gauging system, Olympus NDT gained the manufacturing capacity it needed, improved part quality and reduced scrap. Watch the video

Encoder product configurator

The configurator enables you to explore Renishaw's wide range of optical encoder systems and request relevant information. If you are uncertain of any options, please leave the fields unselected and continue to configure your encoder product or system. Start here

Fontys investeert in onderzoek 3D-metaalprinten

Fontys Hogeschool Engineering beschikt sinds kort, als eerste in Nederland, over een Renishaw metaalprinter, een AM400. De machine is tijdelijk ondergebracht op het Eindhovense universiteitsterrein, waar onder meer Werktuigbouwkunde het voormalige onderkomen van TNO Industrie en Techniek heeft betrokken. Lees verder: [Bron: linkmagazine]

RMAP multi-axis periscope

Designed to enable six degrees of freedom measurements within XY stage applications by minimising the beam footprint from multiple interferometers. Utilising three RLD10-X3-DI interferometer heads the multi-axis periscope can accurately measure pitch, yaw and linear position. Read more and watch the video

inVia™ InSpect confocal Raman microscope

Introducing the latest addition to our Raman family. The inVia™ InSpect has been optimised for forensic trace analysis, it works with your existing systems and offers even more powerful capabilities. Read more

Advanced Diagnostic Tools (ADTs)

The Advanced Diagnostic Tools, ADTa-100 and ADTi-100, acquire comprehensive real-time data from Renishaw's RESOLUTE™ and EVOLUTE™ absolute encoders, and VIONiC™, QUANTiC™ and ATOM DX™ incremental encoders. This information is displayed via the user-friendly Renishaw ADT View software interface. Read more