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Model Based Testen in mobiliteit

Hightech systemen zijn steeds meer afhankelijk van de software die deze systemen aanstuurt, verbindt en beheert. Daarmee neemt ook de complexiteit van het testen van deze systemen snel toe. Vaak nog sneller dan de complexiteit van de systemen die getest moeten worden. Een van de nieuwe technologieën om deze uitdagingen aan te gaan is Model Based Testen. Lees verder [bron: intraffic]

Improve in top 3 van beste ICT-opleiders van Nederland

Vandaag heeft Computable bekend gemaakt dat Improve, een ICT Group onderneming, in de top 3 is geëindigd van beste ICT-opleiders in Nederland met een score van 8,74. Lees verder

Two million litres of raw milk a day

Friesland Campina’s new, ultra-modern milk processing plant in Leeuwarden is about to be commissioned for 24/7 milk processing. An automated evaporation and enrichment process will convert two million litres of raw milk a day into various evaporated milk products. Read more

OrangeNXT selected as “Country Partner of the year 2019” by Microsoft Netherlands

Today Microsoft Netherlands announced that out of thousands of partners OrangeNXT has been awarded the Country Partner of the year 2019 position. A true honor. OrangeNXT, a fast growing spin-off within the ICT Group, has one focus: to make customers successful by creating smart connections between people, devices and data. Read more

Smart technology to make roads safer

 When BAM Infra Nederland needed a more efficient and cost-effective way to visually inspect and maintain asphalt paving, it turned to OrangeNXT (an ICT Group company). Working together, the companies developed a smart solution that uses Microsoft Azure, machine learning, and AI. Read more [Source: customers.microsoft.com]


CoLab is the initiative within ICT Group where we work together on ideation and social innovation since 2017. The ideas we harvest can have any source, like our professionals, customers or online communities. CoLab projects range from doing research to developing a proof of concept, as long as the project is small, manageable and the idea has a learning aspect to it. Read more


De rol Als consultant breng jij je domein kennis in om klanten te adviseren in de mogelijkheden die IT biedt in de praktische doelstelling van de energie transitie. Hierbij gebruik je technieken als data science, machine learning en IoT. Lees verder

energyNXT controls batteries in housing complexes

Most apartment buildings nowadays have an elevator, which generally causes peak loads in power consumption, so that these complexes require a large – and therefore expensive – connection to the power grid. Many housing and homeowners’ associations could potentially switch to a smaller, more cost-efficient grid connection by using a battery capable of storing energy during off-peak times and reusing that energy at peak times. Read more

Complex software processes at container terminals

Pieter is employed by ICT Group and works as a Systems Architect at a container terminal in the Port of Antwerp. “All the vehicles here are manned by drivers, including the cranes, and the office is staffed by people who handle freight customs clearance. We are currently in the process of automating some of the work,” Pieter explains. Read more

ICT Group strengthens position in Mobility as a Service market

Today ICT Group (ICT) announced its intent to acquire 65% of the shares of BNV Mobility (BNV). ICT aims to make BNV’s platform TURNN the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solution of ICT Group. MaaS is about providing a seamless travelling experience using all mobility means possible based on real-time information. Travelling time, comfort and costs are optimized based on individual needs. Read more