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From Supply-Driven To Demand Driven Production Of Doors

For years Reinaerdt Deuren based its production on make-to-stock. The sizes of batches became smaller and smaller as the number of different designs increased. This was the reason for the company to take the strategic decision to change its production method into make-to-order with a batch size of only one item. ICT Group ensured that the new production line communicates seamlessly with the ERP system and that Reinaerdt Deuren is ready for future challenges. Read more

De wereld slimmer maken

ICT Group is een vooraanstaande technologie- en servicesprovider met een notering op de Amsterdam Exchange. Het bedrijf maakt sinds 2014 een forse groei door. CEO Jos Blejie vertelt over acquisities, succesvolle software en innovatie. Lees verder

ICT Group involved in software development of Instrument Cluster for electric Porsche Taycan

The first fully electric Porsche was announced last September. ICT Group has developed software for two components of this sports car: the Instrument Cluster displayed on the driver’s dashboard and the operation of touch panels that allow the driver and passengers to use the comfort functions. Read more

Kruidvat: More efficient and reliable order processing

ICT’s team was responsible for the entire design (including the design of the workshops), the development, implementation, deployment and after-care of the EMM. Read more

Qbuzz tekent contract met ICT Group voor Mobility as a Service

Qbuzz heeft een contract gesloten met ICT Group voor het leveren van het Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform TURNN in de regio Groningen-Drenthe. Lees verder

Voor ICT Group is geen digitale uitdaging te complex

Met meer dan 1400 professionals koppelt ICT Group domeinkennis aan innovatieve en integrale IT-oplossingen en biedt ondersteuning aan een breed scala uitdagende projecten. Op de beurs ICT & Logistiek zal de nadruk komen te liggen op oplossingen voor distributie- en retail logistiek. Lees verder

Start Increasing Your Software Productivity: Model Driven Technologies, The State Pattern, and Dezyne

The state pattern provides software designers with an implementation of state machine such that states and transitions are separated from the actual actions performed by a component. Dezyne is an environment supporting formal verification and code generation for the design of complex interactions between state machines. In this paper, we show a systematic approach to introduce Dezyne generated code in a state driven component built using the State Pattern. Read more and download the whitepaper

Additude Sweden opens office in the Netherlands

  Following ICT Group’s acquisition of Additude Sweden in January of this year, ICT Group’s recruitment division also entered the Dutch market on 1 September. Given the strong brand name and position in the Scandinavian market, the Additude brand name will be retained. Read more


Our team has a unique opportunity for an Outsource Architect who will work as an intermediate between a High-Tech Customer in the Brainport Region and a remote Software team in Sofia, Bulgaria. Read more


Hoe stroomlijn je de productie van 2.800 kazen per uur? Hoe zorg jij ervoor dat Nederland droge voeten houdt? Ontwikkel jezelf als control engineer bij ICT! Lees verder