Gripper kits for robots from Universal Robots

The front unit of a robotic arm is decisive for the automation of picking up parts. Whether you decide on a clamping gripper, the adaptive shape gripper or vacuum suction, we offer a robot gripper kit that has been specially adapted to the robotic arms from Universal Robots for all of these applications. Read more

Elektrisch voor pneumatische functies

De Simplified Motion Series is hét antwoord op elektrificatie. De productenrange omvat samenstellingen van assen, motoren en controllers die zich kenmerken door eenvoud. Verder passen de 24 VDC aangestuurde samenstellingen naadloos in Industrie 4.0 vanwege de communicatiemogelijkheid via IO-Link. Optimaal geschikt dus voor bedrijven die op zoek zijn naar flexibiliteit en connectiviteit. Lees verder [Bron: at-aandrijftechniek]

Machine for automatic production of face masks

Plasma surface treatment with Festo

“A big advantage in this case was for us that we could get everything from Festo. That means not only the drive technology but also the software and the control. So everything came from a single source and we had one contact person we could approach." - Hanna Kübler, Managing Director of Kübler Essig Maschinenbau GmbH

SupraModule: Modular solution for laboratory automation

In future-oriented fields such as laboratory automation or biotechnology the requirements placed on the cleaning of production facilities and their purity are very high. With superconductor technology, objects can be moved and handled without contact, which is ideal for such applications. Read more

Greater autonomy and repetition accuracy in liquid handling

The need for an external air supply means that space is limited when installing liquid handling systems. Also, the multiple dosing of liquids places very high demands on repetition accuracy. Festo has found solutions to both challenges, which are described in more detail in this article.

Pneumatic robotics meets artificial intelligence

Whether its grabbing, holding or turning, touching, typing or pressing – in everyday life, we use our hands as a matter of course for the most diverse tasks. In that regard, the human hand, with its unique combination of power, dexterity and fine motor skills, is a true miracle tool of nature. What could be more natural than equipping robots in collaborative workspaces with a gripper that is modelled after this model of nature, that solves various tasks by learning through artificial intelligence? Read more

No more oxidised wafers

When wafers need to be transported and stored in the semiconductor industry, the N2 purge system from Festo prevents oxygen from oxidising the wafers. The cost-efficient, pre-assembled flow controller continuously supplies the wafer reservoir (FOUP) with inert nitrogen for this. Read more

Het juiste handlingsysteem in een mum van tijd

Handling Guide Online van Festo met cartesische robots en Eplan Schematic Solution Met de Handling Guide Online kunnen ingenieurs in recordtijd het juiste kant-en-klare Festo handlingsysteem configureren, of het nu gaat om een systeem met één as, een lineaire en vlakke 2D-handlingsysteem of een 3D- handlingsysteem. Ze kunnen nu niet alleen extreem compacte of extreem dynamische cartesische robots plannen met behulp van de intuïtieve configuratie- en bestelsoftware, maar ze profiteren ook van de schakelschemaservice van Eplan en parameterfiles voor de motordrives. Lees verder

Integrated connectivity starts with electric automation from Festo

From components to the cloud: to achieve integrated automation and digitalised machines and systems, system planners and design engineers can now rely fully on Festo. That applies to all levels of automation, from mechanical to electrical, as well as |intelligent connectivity, regardless of the standard used by the customer. Read more