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IPC intelligente procescontrole

Het proces is te sturen via een gesloten terugkoppelkring, waarbij met meetgegevens van de Equator™ de instellingen direct in de machinebesturing worden bijgewerkt. Lees verder

Greater autonomy and repetition accuracy in liquid handling

The need for an external air supply means that space is limited when installing liquid handling systems. Also, the multiple dosing of liquids places very high demands on repetition accuracy. Festo has found solutions to both challenges, which are described in more detail in this article.

Metal fiber laser cutting machine versus High-Power CO2 Metal Combi laser cutter

In this video we compare fiberlaser based lasercutters purely suited for metal with a High-Power CO2 metal combi laser cutter that can do both metal, but also cut acrylic and wood. Both have strengths and weaknesses and usage really depends for the application in mind.

Kennis van machineveiligheid omzetten naar kunde is voor bedrijven een must

Pilz Nederland is specialist op het gebied van machineveiligheid en het toepassen daarvan. Om kennis om te zetten naar de kunde die noodzakelijk is om ongevallen zoveel als mogelijk te voorkomen, heeft Pilz een aantal opleidingen ontwikkeld die naadloos aansluiten bij de praktijk. Lees verder

Abaqus Hardening Laws on single element model

In this blog post, we will be discussing about some of the most commonly used hardening laws that are available within Abaqus, and can be deployed whenever a metal’s plastic (inelastic) behavior and the nature of the applied load (monotonic, cyclic) becomes relevant in the modeling. Read more

From Supply-Driven To Demand Driven Production Of Doors

For years Reinaerdt Deuren based its production on make-to-stock. The sizes of batches became smaller and smaller as the number of different designs increased. This was the reason for the company to take the strategic decision to change its production method into make-to-order with a batch size of only one item. ICT Group ensured that the new production line communicates seamlessly with the ERP system and that Reinaerdt Deuren is ready for future challenges. Read more

CLB kogelbus; vernieuwd!

De CLB kogelbus (compacte lineaire bus) van Samick (dochteronderneming van THK) is vernieuwd! Deze kogelbus heeft een compact design. Het product is eenvoudig te monteren, wij kunnen standaard de gehard stalen assen erbij verzorgen. Lees verder

Programmeerbare DC-voedingen uitgebreid met optie voor ModBUS-TCP interface

TDK Corporation (TSE 6762) meldt dat de GENESYS+™ serie programmeerbare DC-voedingen is uitgebreid met een optie voor een ModBUS‑TCP interface. Deze optie is beschikbaar voor alle uitvoeringen, van de 1U hoge half-rack GH1,5kW tot de 3U hoge full-rack GSP15kW. Lees verder

Connecting your production line to the future: step two – the internet of things

In the previous blog of this series, we discussed the crucial role big data is playing in Industry 4.0. Here, we will explore the role of the internet of things (IoT) and how it is disrupting and transforming the world of manufacturing. Read more

Piezo Transducers, Actuators, and Motor Drive Solutions for Medical Engineering

Medical engineering and life-science disciplines have multi-faceted requirements for motion and positioning equipment: the spectrum spans from ultrasonic transducers to simple low-energy drive components to high-precision positioning systems and ultra-fast actuators for valve and pumping applications. Piezoceramic transducers and motor drives meet these needs and have a long track record of reliability and ruggedness in industries such as semiconductor manufacturing and optical technologies. Read more