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Cobot assemblage

 Deze cobot assembleert zelfstandig onderdelen van zuigers. Haalt onderdelen en plaatst ze per stap in het juiste bewerkingsstation.

VIRO opent nieuwe vestiging in Zwolle

Per 1 januari 2020 heeft VIRO ook een vestiging in Zwolle. Hiermee komt het streven naar landelijke dekking steeds dichterbij. Met de opening van een nieuw kantoor in Zwolle heeft VIRO nu zeven vestigingen in Nederland. Lees verder

Turnkey Systems

Technobis has carried out various development trajectories for customers in the field of life sciences. These trajectories have resulted in the delivery of a turnkey prototype or products which are assembled in series at Technobis. Read more

ACE België wint 9e Trends Gazelle Award

ACE stond dit jaar op nr. 22 in de ranglijst van middelgrote ondernemingen. De hoogste notering ooit voor ACE! Lees verder

Waterjet – Laser Cutters

Hardened steel racks are often required in order to withstand the forces resulting from this high acceleration rate. This can add significant cost to the machine. To avoid this extra cost, machine builders are replacing rack and pinion systems with linear motors. While the cutting speed is determined by the cutting source, the time it takes to reach this speed – the acceleration rate – and the movement time between different parts have a significant effect on machine throughput. Read more

Measuring solutions reduce machine tool testing time by up to 6.5 hours

A successful machine tool manufacturer, StankoMachComplex was faced with a dilemma. As demand for its growing range of machine tools rapidly increased, the company's rigorous product testing procedures were creating a bottleneck in production. It needed to accelerate testing throughput while increasing the accuracy of its precision measurements at the same time. A combination of Renishaw's measurement solutions provided the answer. Read more

Choosing the Right Hexapod Model: Software from PI Simulates Real Application Situation

Which hexapod is suitable for a specific application and how do external factors influence the limits of the workspace and load? With the hexapod simulation tool from PI (Physik Instrumente) you can check even before making a decision on which model to buy if a hexapod is suitable for the positioning task at hand and if it is, which model exactly is suitable.  Read more

ATC by Pfeiffer Vacuum receives FDA Approval for Pharmaceutical Package Leak Testing

Pfeiffer Vacuum has announced that the ATC by Pfeiffer Vacuum Mass Extraction leak testing process meets FDA standard F3287 for leak testing. This shortens the FDA approval process for pharmaceutical products that require leak testing significantly. Companies that utilize the ATC leak testing process will save hundreds of hours of paperwork for the approval application. Read more

The challenge is in the complexity

Arie Vogels (44) is team leader of two teams of mechanics that work on various machines. Besides this, Arie works as team leader on New Product Introduction which means translating new assignments and projects to a reproducible process. The common factor in both of his roles is the complexity and that is just what is the main challenge to Arie.  Read more

Tips voor de selectie van flowmeters

In deze blog vertellen we hoe je de stabiliteit en prestaties van systemen voor kleine vloeistofflows kunt verbeteren. We geven tips en adviezen over dimensionering, materiaalkeuze en beste praktijken die gebaseerd zijn op de jarenlange ervaring die Bronkhorst High-Tech heeft opgedaan. Lees verder