Magnetic Innovations B.V. Is introducing the MMB1555 Moving Magnet Voice Coil actuator.
The MMB1555 is the first in a range of low voltage (48V) single phase DC Moving Magnet Voice Coil actuators that includes its own slide bearing system.

“System efficiency, size and operator comfort become more important every day. This means that equipment which has traditionally been fitted with a pneumatic system (compressor, valves and bulky fittings) are being re-evaluated and re-designed”.

Cor van den Heuvel – Sales manager of Magnetic Innovations B.V.: “The MMB1555 Moving Magnet Voice coil actuators have been designed to replace pneumatic cylinders in applications where speed, noise, system size and efficiency are key system parameters. All of which are considered serious flaws of existing pneumatic systems”.

The MMB1555 2-wire stainless steel actuator only requires a single-phase DC current- source for operation and with its compact size of 15mm diameter by 55 mm in length it is able to deliver 2N of continuous Force and 6N of peak Force. The MMB1555 has an 18mm (+/-9mm) stroke and a moving mass of 0.0179kg which enables it to hit acceleration rates of 11g continuous and up to 33g peak. It is capable of handling several 100 millions of strokes without failures.

The MMB1555 is available for prototyping and series production today.

About Magnetic Innovations B.V.

Headquartered in Veldhoven, The Netherlands, at the epicenter of the Dutch Brainport region, Magnetic Innovations operates an R&D and Manufacturing facility and is considered a specialist in the design and manufacturing of Direct Drive Rotary and Linear Motors & Generators, Moving magnet Voice coil actuators and other products that require an electromechanical design tailored to- and optimized for the customer application.


Cor van den Heuvel Sales Manager
Magnetic Innovations B.V.
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