That´s what I read this morning in the below article. It was mentioned that about 4 years ago an ASML engineer discovered “by coincidence” a new method for production of medical isotopes almost without nuclear waste. In Holland we say “toeval bestaat niet” !

The invention was done by Patrick de Jager. I know him from the time we were both working at TNO. At that time he also came up with brilliant ideas that were beneficial for the Dutch High Tech industry. Coming up with these kind of ideas requires the combination of in depth technical knowledge and understanding of a market that sometimes doesn’t even exists.

Forming the right consortium consisting of companies, knowledge institutes and (local) government and getting the funding for further development is maybe even harder.

The Brainport region needs a BSML that what I hear often. Realizing that is not easy and takes time. Time is precious and time to market is very important. It´s a pity that the Lighthouse project continues outside the Netherlands but you can´t wait forever and have to go where the money is. That´s what they leaned me at the business school.

Congrats Patrick et al. !!!