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NTS Development & Engineering

The NTS Development and Engineering division is part of the NTS Group, a successful international company that develops and manufactures advanced high-quality opto-mechatronic systems and modules. With our state of the art design expertise and can-do mentality, we optimize every stage of product development, engineering, including turn-key, design-to-specification, for multiple customers in domains such as printing, semiconductor, medical and analytical.

Our solid experience enables Development & Engineering to deliver cost effective solutions that drive our customers’ competitive edge, enabling short time to market: first time right, integrating production, assembly and life cycle management. Development & Engineering is well-positioned to (co-)develop and industrialize mechatronic and opto-mechatronic systems that are critical to our customers.

Our passion, focus, competencies, development processes and strong cooperation with our specialized manufacturing companies enable a short time to market and a high level of quality. NTS Development & Engineering recruits every year the “Best in Class” engineers with the ability and drive for creation.

Cleanliness is a state of mind

July 17, 2019

The success of developing and manufacturing complex modules and machines for high-tech OEMs is determined by ever stricter demands for cleanliness. As a consequence NTS regards contamination control as a core competence. It invests heavily in generating relevant knowledge and the necessary equipment, and applying these in development and manufacturing processes for customers. Read more

The benefits and challenges of outsourcing your system architecting

July 11, 2019

high tech bedrijven nts 190711

The world of high-tech machine builders is extremely competitive. Their success is exceedingly dependent on their ability to realize quality, cost effectiveness and short lead times in bringing new technology to series production. Outsourcing system architecting can contribute significantly in achieving that. ‘NTS has demonstrated that fact now in a number of cases’, states Rens van den Braber of NTS division Development & Engineering. Read more

NTS in Eindhoven geheel in handen van Agio-familie Wintermans

June 27, 2019

EINDHOVEN – Alle aandelen van hightech toeleverancier NTS in Eindhoven zijn in handen van de Agio-familie Wintermans gekomen. Topman Marc Hendrikse van NTS zegt dat de overdracht van het laatste deel van de aandelen onlangs werd beklonken. Lees verder [Bron: ED, foto: Kees Martens]

JOB: Software Design Engineer

June 13, 2019

Continuing our success, we are looking for a Software Design Engineer for the Development & Engineering division in Eindhoven Read more

How NTS helps you to control contamination

May 14, 2019

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Cleanliness is a hot topic in the high-tech industry and not without reason. The machines of OEMs in this industry need to cope with more and extreme accurate processes, combined with higher speeds and reliability. Read more

Moving forward in design and building for cleanliness

May 8, 2019

The demands for cleanliness are increasing and therefore weigh heavier on the development and production of advanced high-tech equipment. As a consequence, contamination control is increasingly important for business cases of machine builders regarding quality, functionality and aesthetics versus cost of goods and development. Read more

VACATURE: System Architect

April 30, 2019

Binnen NTS-Mecon in Doetinchem is er een vacature voor de functie van System Architect. Op onze Development & Engineering locatie in Doetinchem specialiseren we ons in industriële speciaal-machinebouw, precisie mechanica /wetenschappelijke instrumentatie, en in het bijzonder value engineering. Lees verder

Career at NTS | Mark Meenhuis – Critical modules and products for the analysis market

April 27, 2019

Since 2011, Mark Meenhuis has been working at NTS as Mechatronics System Engineer. He focuses on the analysis market, one of our most important markets. In this role he works on critical modules and products for customers who build complete electron microscopes which are used in research to contain, cure and prevent the consequences of viruses and epidemic outbreaks. “As first-line supplier, we serve our customers at the right time with systems that meet every desired quality requirements. My role in this is to take care of the technical and logistical delivery of our products to the customer. We may not actually make the end product, but we definitely play a key role in the process to get there.”

Development & Engineering Group Leader Eindhoven (High-Tech)

March 16, 2019

This is your opportunity to become part of our successful D&E team in Eindhoven. As the D&E organization is expanding, we are looking for an experienced engineering group leader that will lead a team of experienced mechatronics engineers. Read more

An entrepreneur with a permanent contract and a mission

March 13, 2019

high tech bedrijven nts 190313

Days are always too short for Senior Technology Manager Eddy Allefs (56). At NTS he is responsible for business development. Besides, exploring new markets, chances and services for the company, he deepens existing customer relations and every now and then he also wears a recruitment hat. He uses his solid and extensive network, knowhow and years of experience in high tech to take NTS even one step further. Eddy gets most energy out of combining technology, business and people. He sets the bar high, for NTS and for himself. “I would like to do a lot more but time really is my enemy.” Read more

Meeting your needs by challenging requirements

February 27, 2019

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Developing and building equipment for the high mix, low volume and high complexity markets demands accuracy. The tolerances of machine movement and positioning – for instance in the semicon, analytical and digital printing industry – are after all extremely small. Due to this need for precision in combination with the necessary consistency in quality, cost efficiency and delivery certainty, OEM’s set high demands for suppliers of components and mechanical systems. NTS division Frames & Cabinets meets these customer challenges in a mix of technical, engineering and organizational added value. Read more

Digital Printing

February 26, 2019

NTS has a proven track record in the Digital Printing market. We specialize in (co-)development, manufacturing and assembly of industrial inkjet printer and print modules. With increasing complexity and fast time-to-market, NTS can support by accelerating the development cycle using our inkjet process validation platform, proven building blocks and fast lane proto production. More info

Creating new business cases for international high-tech OEM’s

February 19, 2019

NTS is driven by creating value as a global partner in the development and manufacturing of critical (opto-)mechatronic systems for high-tech machine builders. Our customers in Asia are served by our component and assembly companies in Singapore, Shanghai and Suzhou. Read more

NTS concentreert vestigingen Esp en Bergeijk en sticht campus op De Hurk in Eindhoven

February 13, 2019

Met de huidige gebouwen van NTS aan de Dillenburgstraat als basis en dat aangevuld met twee grote fabriekshallen en wat kleinere panden bouwt de Eindhovense toeleverancier aan een heuse campus. Hier worden vestigingen op industrieterrein Esp en in Bergeijk geconcentreerd. Lees verder

NTS kiest Togetr voor digitale transformatie en start bij NTS Mechatronics

February 7, 2019

Na een traject van een aantal maanden voorbereiding en in afstemming met de NTS directie, kiest NTS voor een strategische samenwerking met Togetr. De digitale transformatie start bij NTS Mechatronics. Op basis van slimme technologie (low-code) worden door middel van een bi-modale ITstrategie de digitalisering gerealiseerd. Dit betekent een substantiële reductie van de doorlooptijden, meer inzicht in de value-stream, verbeterde ‘Rolled Throughput Yield’ en een algehele kostenreductie. Lees verder [Bron: linkmagazine.nl]

How do you solve capacity problems in times of economic upswing?

February 6, 2019

high tech bedrijven nts 190206

In order to be competitive high-tech machine builders increasingly focus on their core technology and user markets. Therefore, they have to rely on trusted partners for the development, production and assembly of key equipment. NTS stands out as a first tier supplier that excels in all these areas, both in skills as in vertical integration. Read more

Shortening your time to market in prototyping and industrialization

February 2, 2019

The dynamics of the world in which high-tech machine builders operate are unprecedented. Technology is developing rapidly and their international markets are highly volatile. Under these circumstances, speed in bringing new products to these market is crucial for their success. Read more

High Accurate Granite Products

January 10, 2019

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Machining, grinding and manual lapping of a variety of materials, such as granite, ceramics, mineral casts, metals, zerodur and fibre-reinforced materials. Depending on type of material and configuration accuracies up to 0,001 mm/mcan be achieved. Sizes up to 5 x 2,8 x 1,5 meters and 15.000 kg (in one piece), assemblies even bigger. Lees verder

Component Manufacturing

January 4, 2019

high tech bedrijven nts 190104

We use our technological know-how, expertise and experience to excel in the production of complex metal, granite or hybrid frames and cabinets, and complex machined components and modules for high-mix, low-volume, high-complexity markets such as the semiconductor, analytical, life sciences and digital printing sectors. Read more

F&C – Bending and automatic bending

December 22, 2018

Development & Engineering of custom positioning systems in life sciences

December 15, 2018

NTS versnelt strategische inzet data met toekomstbestendig datawarehouse en analytics-platform

December 6, 2018

NTS ontwikkelt, maakt, assembleert en test complexe (opto)mechatronische systemen en mechanische modules voor grote hightech machinebouwers, . Als eerstelijns systeemleverancier richt NTS zich op bedrijven in markten met een hoge productvariëteit, lage volumes en hoge complexiteit – bijvoorbeeld semiconductor, life sciences en digital printing – waar precisie en wendbaarheid van het allergrootste belang is. Lees verder [Bron: linkmagazine.nl]

Our competences at Frames & Cabinets

December 1, 2018

JOB: Mechanical Engineers

November 24, 2018

As Mechanical Design Engineer you are responsible for the development of high-quality ( Optical) mechanical and mechatronic modules and systems Read more

JOB: Mechanical Lead Engineer

November 1, 2018

This is your opportunity to be involved in state-of-the-art technology together with enthusiastic colleagues and ambitious high tech customers in a pleasant working environment. Read more

Accelerating the transition from 2D to 3D sensing with optical solutions

October 29, 2018

Component Manufacturing and Systems Assembly in Eastern Europe: Your springboard for success

October 25, 2018

high tech bedrijven nts 181025

Wherever OEM’s establish themselves as developers and manufacturers of high-tech machines, they are in need of suppliers which are able to fulfill their demands and keep up with their technological progress. Read more

Optimizing your frame design

October 16, 2018

high tech bedrijven nts 181016

The complexity of high-tech equipment continues to increase dramatically, while the time to market also shortens. This results in a number of challenges for OEM’s, for instance concerning quality and efficiency in manufacturing and costs, and these carry through during the life time of products. Read more

NTS Campus: The next step in accelerating your business

October 12, 2018

high tech bedrijvn nts 181012

The enormous competition in and volatility of high tech markets set high demands regarding the agility of OEM’s. The goal of NTS is to help them achieve this. Read more

ultraprecisie delen kun je niet maken in lange supply chains

September 25, 2018

De usp’s van NTS Norma zijn value engineering en ultraprecisie modules en componenten, om het maar even in een goed industrieel jargon uit te drukken. Het Hengelose bedrijf onderscheidt zich daarmee al vele jaren, al lang voordat de NTS Group het in 2016 overnam. En zal dat zeker blijven doen, want de vraag naar modules en componenten die én voldoen aan de hoogste nauwkeurigheidseisen én tegen zo laag mogelijke kosten zijn geproduceerd, neemt alleen maar toe. Groei die slechts ten dele is terug te voeren op de huidige economische hausse: de klanten, machine- en apparatenbouwers in markten als de semicon, analytics, aerospace en medical, stellen nu eenmaal steeds hogere eisen aan de nauwkeurigheid. Lees verder [Bron: linkmagazine.nl]

Inkjet Innovation in Eindhoven with NTS

September 13, 2018

Over the last 25 years, NTS has accumulated the skills, capabilities and know-how to develop and manufacture industrial inkjet printer and printer modules with key competences, like Mechatronics Systems, Optical system, Value engineering & DfX and Printheads & COTS integration. Read more [source: industrialprintblog.com]

Does manufacturing in China have added value for you?

June 29, 2018

Outsourcing of production and manufacturing for the Asian market: NTS creates added value. In the past two years, NTS assembly location in Shanghai has received Best Supplier Awards from three of its biggest clients. This demonstrates the powerful position that NTS Mechatronics in Shanghai and NTS Components Suzhou have in high-tech supply chains in the region. Read more

How can development and engineering shorten your time to market in a turbulent business environment?

June 28, 2018

Life cycles are getting progressively shorter, and talent is hard to find. Accelerating your time to market is an increasingly important challenge for OEMs. NTS makes that easier for high-tech OEM machine builders at every step of the production process, all the way through to building complete modules and machines. Read more