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Dekimo is a leading independent electronic services supplier. We have more than 350 professionals at your service and have development teams in Aachen, Delft, Eindhoven, Enschede, Erpe-Mere, Gent, Goes, Kortrijk, Leuven, Liège, Louvain-la-Neuve, Paris and Turnhout to be as close as possible to our customer.

Dekimo offers the following services for more than 25 years:

  • development of electronics & software,
  • PCB design/layout and EMC measurements,
  • series production and assembly of PCBAs
  • mechatronics solutions
  • maintenance and repair

Projects covered in various areas eg:

    • automotive,
    • internet applications,
    • maritime,
    • medical,
    • pharma,
    • power electronics,
    • telecom

Dekimo in Goes is employing about 28 people with a broad range of competences with a high exchange rate of knowledge and skills. The work scope covers various lines of business: from mission critical communication systems in marine applications to industrial and consumer products.

Hardware and software design, production, and maintenance & repair are the main activities. The last 2 activities are mainly focused on field services for governmental hydro meteo networks.

We are not a random supplier. We get into the heart of your electronics and unburden your chain. As a service partner, close to our customer, we guarantee high standard qualified solutions and expertise.

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