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ASM Laser Separation International is the inventor of multi-beam laser dicing and grooving. The multi laser beam dicing and grooving process is the technology with very low thermal impact while having a very high productivity. ASM Laser Separation’s solutions enable you to reduce your manufacturing cost significantly and to execute your semiconductor technology road map.


To enable the low cost of ownership all modules within the system support and contribute to achieve this proposition. To keep up with the demanding semiconductor market, continuous technology development enables; smaller, better and more cost effective products for wafer dicing and grooving applications.


We offer laser dicing and grooving systems that enable the lowest cost of ownership through the shortest process time and high flexibility. This ensures that ASMPT’s laser systems are ideally suited for your application.



We develop laser dicing and grooving solutions that enable semiconductor manufacturers to reduce the product manufacturing cost through yield improvement, higher productivity, and increased number of dies per wafer. Our expertise is in RFIC, LED, IC, Low-K and Discrete.


oktober 7, 2019

ASMPT is the inventor of multi beam semiconductor dicing. With more than 20 years of multi beam laser process experience in high volume manufacturing many billions of parts have been processed. Utilizing the strength of the multi beam process, low power per beam but using many beam to allow high material removal rate with a small (<3um) heat affected zone. The unique slider concept (wafer stepper concept) allows high accuracy and reproducibility. The IR multi beam laser process has proven its value in semiconductor wafer singulations and enabled the ongoing trend of thinner (more fragile) devices and shrinking the dicing street resulting in more die per wafer. Key Features


juli 30, 2019

ASMPT has developed a proprietary process with a unique V-DOE Multi beam process for dicing of thin silicon (<<100 µm) wafers with a low CoO while achieving a high die strength (typically >500 MPa). Read more

Machine Concepts

mei 15, 2019

high tech bedrijven alsi 190515

The design of ALSI machine platform has been made with productive and accurate laser dicing of semiconductor wafers in mind. It incorporates over 12 years of experience in laser dicing of wafers originally at NXP (formerly Philips Semiconductor), and the extensive know-how available in the well-established semiconductor equipment manufacturers in The Netherlands and Germany. Read more

Laser separation technique: Multiple Laser Beam Technology (MLBT)

maart 16, 2019

The two main requirements for any separation process are a superior cutting quality – in terms of visual appearance and structural integrity of the cut – and a low throughput time. The latter depends to a great extend on the dicing speed thus the material removal rate of the process. In the case of laser dicing both requirements are generally speaking diametrical opposed to each other. The material removal rate scales with increasing laser power, the dicing quality deteriorates accordingly. Typically a fast laser separation process comes along with a wide cut, rough edges, increased volumes of recast and burr as well as a pronounced heat affected zone (HAZ). Read more and watch the video

ASMPT Receives ORCAS EP Order from a Leading Semiconductor Manufacturer

oktober 11, 2016


ASMPT has recently received multiple orders from the leading semiconductor manufacturers in ASIA for their latest generation of encapsulation solution for large format packaging, ORCAS EP Dual Press.

ASMPT Ranked Among the Top 5 in VLSI Customer Satisfaction Survey 2016

juni 11, 2016

ASM Pacific Technology Limited (“ASMPT”) announced today that its focus on customer excellence has once again been recognised in the VLSIresearch’s annual Customer Satisfaction Survey on Chip Making Equipment. For the past few years, customers have ranked ASMPT among the top 10 BEST equipment suppliers. Read more

ASMPT Awarded the 2015 Supplier Excellence Award

april 9, 2016

high tech bedrijven asmpt 160409

ASM Pacific Technology Limited (ASMPT) received the prestigious 2015 Supplier Excellence Award (SEA) from it customer, Texas Instruments (TI). ASMPT was recognised for its outstanding performance as a supplier of lead frames.

ASMPT Wins the 2015 Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Technological Achievement Grand Award

december 15, 2015

hightechbedrijven asmpt 151215

In developing a solution that is truly making a difference in semiconductor manufacturing, ASM Pacific Technology Limited (“ASMPT”), a world leader in the supply of semiconductor assembly and packaging equipment and materials as well as surface mount technology solutions, received the 2015 Technology Achievement Grand Award for its Thermo-Compression Bonding (TCB) tool.

ASMPT and SPIL announce Joint Investment Venture in Molded Interconnect Substrates

oktober 23, 2015

high tech bedrijven asm pacific technology

ASM Pacific Technology Limited (“ASMPT”) and Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd. (“SPIL”)announced today that both companies will enter into an agreement to establish a joint investment entity to develop and manufacture molded interconnect substrates (“MIS”) to meet the industry’s demand for advanced semiconductor chips with greater functionality.

ASM Pacific Technology is ranked as the number 1

juni 18, 2015


ASM Pacific Technology is ranked as the no. 1 top assembly equipment supplier in 2014 and earns the coveted “10 best focused suppliers of chip making equipment” in 2015 as well as “the best suppliers of 2015” award once again.