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A&C Solutions is an international, full service distributor of power supply and connector solutions. As an independent specialist, A&C Solutions knows which power supply and/or connector solution matches your application requirements and project environment. Based on your needs we further complement your power supply and/or connector solution with customized cable sets, product labelling options and stock on demand or based on forecast information.

Product offer & expertise aligned with key markets

We can only add value your business when we step into your world and learn to understand it. Therefore, we have chosen to align our expertise and product range with targeted markets like Electronics & Automation, Lighting and E-mobility. In this way, our specialists are able to advise you the most suitable solutions for your type of application.


Our brands

A&C Solutions works with 14 power supply and connector brands. Each of these brands is a true forerunner in its field of expertise and provides the best price performance ratio for our customers. They complement each other and make A&C Solutions’ offer complete.

Power supplies

A&C Solutions offers power supplies from market leader Delta. Delta is the all-round specialist in the field of AC/DC converters and offers an wide range of panel mount, open frame and Din-rail power supplies. Delta is complemented by niche brands Nextys and Daitron. Nextys is especially strong in more compact Din-rail power supplies for high power and intelligent performance. Daitron is our low noise power supply specialist. Together they offer a great variety of 12Vdc, 24Vdc, 48Vdc, 72Vdc and 110Vdc power supplies.

Industrial connectors

A&C Solutions works with circular (high) power, hybrid and push-pull connectors from A-brands such as Hummel, Yamaichi and Binder in sizes going from M8,M12, M16,M23, M27 to M40. This is complemented by waterproof connectors from specialist Techno.

For industrial, rectangular connectors, our customers can choose from a wide range of standard and extreme, heavy duty connectors with IP68, IP69K, plastic and aluminium housings from Ilme. Shield completes the offer with magnetic valve connectors.

In the world of PCB connectors, JST is king. It offers the greatest variety of crimp, IDC and LED connectors. Zierick complements this scope with smart tab receptacles and surface mount IDC connectors.

Working with A&C Solutions

Working with A&C Solutions means that you stay focused on your core business.

  • You save time spent on searching and validating the most suitable solution
  • As an official/exclusive distributor we are closest to the source. Hence you are assured of the best price in the market.
  • Logistically you are unburdened. A&C solutions manages your stock and ensures the continuity of your supply chain.
  • You only work with one party that can supply the power supply / LED driver, the connector/switch/sensor and the complete cable set.
  • We work with certified assembly partners worldwide

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New Higo flexible battery connectors facilitate easy plugging without magnetics

augustus 19, 2021

Higo has designed new battery connectors that can move flexibly in different directions to make the connection. These new designs have been developed to meet the growing demand from the market to allow batteries to make difficult mating angles in downtube positioned batteries and to easily connect a cargo bike’s cabinet without using magnetics. Learn more

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april 7, 2021

In samenwerking met Voka – Kamer van Koophandel Mechelen-Kempen licht Franky Vanlerberghe in deze RTV reportage toe hoe A&C Solutions deze subsidie inzet om extra mensen aan te werven om onze groei mee te ondersteunen. Bekijk de videorapportage

Higo breidt succesvolle 6mm connector uit met een 3- en 5-polige smiley versie

maart 10, 2021

Wie dacht dat connectoren geen emoties konden tonen, heeft duidelijk nog niet kennis gemaakt met de nieuwe smiley connector, de zogenaamde Z306D en Z506D. Dit nieuwe ontwerp is door Higo ontwikkeld als een verlengde van de huidige 6-polige Z606D-connector voor E-bike-displays. Lees verder

Predictive machine maintenance met behulp van voedingen

februari 16, 2021

Een thema dat momenteel speelt in de markt is de continue beschikbaarheid (uptime level) van het apparaat of de machine. Een voeding speelt hierin een belangrijke rol. Wanneer je inzicht hebt in de prestatie-indicatoren die de betrouwbaarheid van een voeding bepalen kan je ook tijdig actie ondernemen om onderhoud uit te voeren. Lees verder

Internationale norm IEC 61076-2-012 voor M12 push-pull met interne vergrendeling nu beschikbaar

De push-pull-versie van de M12-connector met interne vergrendeling van Yamaichi Electronics is het allereerste M12-push-pull-ontwerp, dat is gestandaardiseerd als een internationale norm (IEC 61076-2-012). Daarom zijn M12 push-pull-design-ins nu mogelijk voor M12 push-pull-systemen, zonder gebruik te hoeven maken van eigen oplossingen. Lees verder