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Innovation of tomorrow, inspiration for today

Staying ahead by always going the extra mile. Based on that philosophy, Ter Hoek produces precision components for the high-tech manufacturing industry.

We support customers in developing high-quality, custom solutions that can then be series-produced with unparalleled accuracy. That is what makes us one of a kind. It is in that combination of innovative customization and repeated precision that we find our passion. Inspired by tomorrow’s innovation, each and every day.


That starts with understanding the customer’s question. We go in depth, think strategically with you and deliver custom work.

And as soon as we know the most suitable solution, you as a customer can rely on our extreme precision when it comes to series production. Even for quantities of thousands of units we guarantee a very high level of process reliability.

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is a form of material processing EDM can be used on any material, as long as it is electrically conductive. The hardness of the material is not a factor.

Consistent quality in the smallest size

One of the major advantages of wire EDM is the constant quality for materials down to the smallest of dimensions. EDM is a process that does not use rotating parts. This makes it possible to create continuous contours with sharp internal angles.


As an innovative manufacturer of precision components, Ter Hoek specializes in numerous applications based on EDM. Depending on the desired process a choice is made between wire EDM, die sinking, micro EDM milling and hole-drilling EDM or a combination of various applications.


Extreme precision for nearly any material

Using Laser MicroJet a laser beam is captured in a water jet. This creates a ‘pillar’ of laser energy. Where traditional laser cutting can only be applied to flat surfaces, LMJ offers new possibilities for cutting into three-dimensional objects. Using a laser diameter starting at 30 microns perpendicular cutting edges are created.

This revolutionary technology can be used with most materials: from conductive and semi-conductive metals and ceramic to even insulators such as diamond, plastics and composite material.

Precision Electro Chemical Machining (PECM)

PECM is a new, highly advanced technique which brings new possibilities in extreme accurate machining from products. The big advantage of PECM is that there is almost no wear of the electrode. With one tool you can make very large series of products with the exact the same accuracy. Workpieces are machined on micron level, which makes it possible to get tolerances of 2 micron and a surface roughness of 0.03 Ra. This in combination with the relative high process speed makes PECM outstanding for producing large series of extreme accurate parts.

Ter Hoek is the PEM Application Center for the Benelux for the company PEMTec in Germany.



Ter Hoek Corporate Film

juni 15, 2019

Precision Electro Chemical Machining (PECM)

april 6, 2019

Het grote voordeel van PECM is dat er vrijwel geen slijtage aan het gereedschap plaatsvindt. Met één stuk gereedschap zijn grote series te produceren met exact dezelfde precisie. Werkstukken worden op micron-niveau bewerkt, wat toleranties van 2 micron en ruwheden van 0,03 Ra mogelijk maakt. Dat in combinatie met een relatief hoge processnelheid maakt PECM bij uitstek geschikt voor serieproductie van extreem nauwkeurige onderdelen.  Meer info over PECM


maart 23, 2019

Microvonkfrezen is een combinatie van vonkboren en zinkvonken. Een nauwkeurigheid tot op 1 micron (een duizendste millimeter) op een zeer klein oppervlak is bij deze techniek standaard. Lees verder

New Spark erosion EDM – Sarix Micro

maart 24, 2017

high tech bedrijven Ter Hoek 170324

In order to meet the ever-growing demand in micro-range, we increased our spark eroding capacity with a new micro spark erosion EDM: the Sarix SX-200. This brings our Micro department to a total of 3 Sarix SX-200 Micro spark erosion EDMs. Furthermore, we installed a new 6-axis robot to work as efficiently as possible.

New wire-cutting EDM – Makino U3

maart 17, 2017

high tech bedrijven Ter Hoek 170317

In addition to the arrival of the PECM machine, we recently added a new wire-cutting EDM to our machinery. The Makino U3 is our latest addition to the wire-cutters. This latest wire-cutter has a range of 370 x 270 x 220 mm and can spark a roughness of 0.1 – 0.15 Ra. It is also 10% faster than our other EDM wire-cutters. The machine is less prone to failure, resulting in a more stable and more reliable process.

Testen, verbouwen en plaatsen – de nieuwe PECM machine

maart 6, 2017

high tech bedrijven ter hoek 170306

Voor onze nieuwe PECM techniek hebben we mooie vorderingen gemaakt. Van 30 januari t/m 3 februari zijn we met een team van 3 man naar de machinefabriek van PEMTec snc in Forbach Frankrijk geweest om aldaar onze machine uitvoerig te testen. Deze testen werden gedaan met elektrodes en gereedschappen van eigen makelij. Lees meer


november 8, 2016


Tijdens de AMB in Stuttgart ondertekende Ter Hoek Vonkerosie op 14 september een samenwerkings- overeenkomst met het Duitse PEMTec. Vanaf nu mag Ter Hoek zich PEM Application Center (PAC) voor de Benelux noemen. Het bedrijf uit Rijssen bezegelt hiermee een nieuwe stap richting verdere specialisatie op het gebied van fijnmechanische industrie.