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The Linear Motor Company

Tecnotion is the global authority on linear motor technology. We are the world’s only unbundled manufacturer of linear motors. A former part of Philips, we specialize solely in the development and production of linear motors. Because of this, our expertise, customer service and product quality are unmatched.

Linear motors can be used in a wide range of production processes and are especially useful for the semiconductor, electronics, lcd, automotive and robotics industries, as well as providing solutions for printing and cutting various materials with pinpoint accuracy.

We have a global presence, with production plants in The Netherlands and China and local representation around the world. This ensures short delivery times and high quality support, wherever you are located.

When you do business with Tecnotion, you will have a team of highly skilled sales and application engineers at your disposal. They will help you from your initial prototype all the way to the application of our products and beyond.

Whatever your needs are, you can count on Tecnotion as a solid, reliable partner.

Please have a look at our Iron Core & Ironless Linear Motor Series brochure.


Torque motors are permanent-magnet direct drive motors that rotate along an axis. They can be used wherever a rotary movement is required and offer numerous advantages over conventional servo drives.

Our torque motors as shown in the below pictures are extremely compact, provide an extremely stiff drive train, eliminate the need for time-consuming mounting procedures, are virtually maintenance free and can be integrated directly into the machine structure, while the spacious open inner diameter enables wire and cable feedthrough. To top things off the entire series comes with completely sealed stators and integrated temperature protection and measurement sensors.


Our Philosophy

At Tecnotion we recognize that each application of our linear motors is a unique case with specific requirements and demands. When you’re doing business with Tecnotion you have a highly skilled team of sales engineers at your disposal. Our team will help and support you throughout the entire process, from initial concept right to the application of our products and beyond.

We strive to continuously improve our organization by remaining focused on our customer’s needs. We can assist you with our extensive knowledge and high degree of specialization. The better we understand your company with its objectives and difficulties, the better we are able to provide an optimal solution.

By focusing our manpower on research, development and manufacturing of the finest linear drive systems on the market, we ensure you have a flexible, reliable partner that can collaborate with you on a high level in all standard or tailor-made solutions.

Furthermore we are dedicated towards achieving and maintaining the highest quality standards possible, of which our ISO 9001 certification can attest.


Worldwide Logistics

By operating from both The Netherlands and China and with excellent service level agreements with transport companies across the globe our products can be delivered to you quickly and safely, wherever you are situated.


Closed Loop with moving coilunits

maart 22, 2019

Direct Drive Motor Selection & Simulation Tool

september 26, 2018

high tech bedrijven technotion 180926

Tecnotion launched its new online simulation tool. This new online tool replaces our offline tool. With the new calculation tool, you can simulate motor behavior under different conditions and with different movement profiles. All in a very dynamic environment. Read more

What is a synchronous torque motor?

oktober 21, 2017


september 28, 2017

high tech bedrijven tecnotion 170928

Rotational electric motors have been around for ages but a lot has changed since then. How did electric motors change? What innovations have been made? Torque motors have benefitted greatly from the knowledge gained making linear motors.

Utilizing a brushless 3-phase design they can provide even greater efficiency and power, especially at low rpm. Meanwhile minimizing maintenance requirements.

New Tecnotion QTR65 and QTR78 series frameless torque motors

september 8, 2017

high tech bedrijven tecnotion 170908

Tecnotion introduces a new series of smaller QTR torque motors at the SPS IPC Drives 2017. A new 65 mm and 78 mm diameter motor make the quality and torque of Tecnotion QTR series motor available for even smaller applications.

What is commutation?

juli 8, 2017

high tech bedrijven tecnotion 170708

What is commutation? In order to generate motion in a three-phase linear motor there must be switching between the phases to energize appropriate windings. The process of switching between the phases is called commutation.

To complete the circle: curved magnet track

juni 30, 2017

high tech bedrijven tecnotion 170630

How does a linear motor move over a curved track? A seemingly complicated question with straight forward answers. Where traditionally different motion systems can be used to follow up on a linear motion, Tecnotion develops curved magnet tracks. These tracks allow more complicated curved movements using a ‘traditional’ iron core linear coil unit.

Linear motor vs Belt drive

mei 22, 2017

How does a linear motor work?

Ironless motor stage with multiple carriers

mei 1, 2017

Curved magnet track

april 22, 2017

high tech bedrijven tecnotion 170422

How does a linear motor move over a curved track? A seemingly complicated question with straight forward answers. Where traditionally different motion systems can be used to follow up on a linear motion, Tecnotion develops curved magnet tracks. These tracks allow more complicated curved movements using a ‘traditional’ linear coil unit.

UC3 with an alternative cable output

april 8, 2017

high tech bedrijven tecnotion 170408

When installing a drive, available power and various other factors play an important role. The cable outlet of the motor may be a decisive criterion, particularly when space is limited. For this reason the smallest ironless linear motor from Tecnotion -the UC3- is also available with a cable output in the travel direction.


maart 8, 2017

high tech bedrijven tecnotion 170308

Does your machine need a power upgrade or do you want to expand an existing design? Coupling two linear motors is an easy and effective way of increasing the available force. Herewith you are not just limited to using identical motors. Various combinations can be made, as long as the motor force constant is the same. This note discusses some details of a ‘coupled application’. For more information our support team is always on standby and detailed manuals are available at our download portal.

High performance at low voltage

januari 16, 2017

high tech bedrijven tecnotion 170116

Tecnotion, the direct drive specialist offers both small iron core and ironless linear motors for low voltage purposes. In addition to 230 Vac and 400 Vac motors for industrial applications, drives are often sought for low-voltage applications of 60Vdc and less.

First dedicated digital hall sensor for Tecnotion QTR torque series

september 28, 2016


Tecnotion the direct drive company, introduces a digital hall sensor for the QTR Series Torque motors. The sensor enables simple commutation of the motors.

Thanks to the digital hall sensor there is no need for costly or complex drives. It allows a quick start up of an application without wake & shake procedures. When it comes to applications which only require basic accuracy or a stable speed, for example in conveyor belts and high speed doors, there is no need for an expensive external sensor at all.

Interactieve verkeersregelinstallaties (iVRI’s) gaan informatie leveren aan automobilisten

augustus 3, 2016

high tech bedrijven technolution 160803

Interactieve verkeersregelinstallaties (iVRI’s) gaan informatie leveren aan automobilisten. Om met VRI’s te communiceren wordt een universeel protocol ontwikkeld en krijgt elke VRI een netwerkverbinding. Via diezelfde verbinding kan de beheerder VRI’s op afstand programmeren en instellingen wijzigen. Technolution controleert en toetst het protocol en test de werking vanuit de verkeerscentrale.

Linear motor design made easy: Tecnotion’s Motor Simulation tool

maart 22, 2016

high tech bedrijven technotion 160322

Selection of the right motor is critical to Linear motor application success. The linear motor specialists at Tecnotion have a free comprehensive simulation and modelling tool available to make motors perform in any customer defined application. Simple, Accurate and fast, finally a tool is offered that gets you the precision you define!

TECNOTION starts North American Sales Office in New York

maart 18, 2016

TECNOTION is pleased to announce the opening of a new North American Sales office in NY, to expand and support the North American Customer base.
Tecnotion is a recognized world leader in the manufacturing of direct drive components, both linear and rotary for Life Sciences, Semiconductor, Printing and Machine tools motion platforms.

Expansion of the Tecnotion motor family: New iron core linear motor TM18

november 28, 2015

high tech bedrijven tecnotion 151128

The rare earths present in the permanent magnets of linear motors are a cost-intensive factor. Against this background, the linear motor specialist Tecnotion expands its product portfolio with a new iron core motor: the TM18 is the fourth in the TM series, producing the same force as motors containing larger, more expensive magnets.

High performance in a small package: Tecnotions TM3 and UC3 linear motors!

december 15, 2014


Linear motors as drive solutions have found their way in to various industries over the past decades. Their performance is also reckognized for drive solutions where space is limited. Tecnotions TM3 and UC3 linear motors are the motors to choose when extreem compact build size is required.

The All-Purpose linear motor : TL series

november 1, 2014


The mid-range linear motor of Tecnotion, the TL series are characterized by their excellent ratio between size and performance, which makes the TL very useful in a variety of applications for different industries.