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Realizing high tech medical products that matter, together

Technobis High Tech Solutions is specialized in carrying out complete product development trajectories, going from an idea to a successful turnkey product, prototype or series product.

Because we support customers in medtech, pharmatech and biotech markets. We are unique in flexibility towards our customers, as we provide them the possibility to step in the product life-cycle at different stages.

Partner in product development & series production

One of the challenges in product development for medtech, pharmatech and biotech applications is the translation of the high level specifications drawn up by specialists to a technical design which results in a correct funtioning product.

This requires people who are used to cooperate with specialists and if necessary work within consortia to realize the mostly multidisciplinary instruments. Those people can be found at Technobis.

A very important step towards series production is the transition from prototype to series product. Modularity in the design as well as correct production documentation are crucial to be able to achieve an efficient and cost-effective series production.

The people at Technobis High Tech Solutions are used to setup a series production infrastructure including the supply chain and all the documentation to assemble, test and accept and the products. Traceability of critical components of the product is of course guaranteed.

Our skills

Who is Technobis High Tech Solutions?

Our promise is to give companies a business case driven approach by focussing on a long term relationship. And with a clear communication structure we will make it work

Let’s introduce ourselfs!

Technobis kiest voor Rabobank als financier

september 16, 2021

Technobis Groep uit Alkmaar heeft voor haar internationale groei-ambities gekozen voor Rabobank als financier. Het bedrijf, gevestigd in de Boekelermeer, is ontwikkelaar van high tech oplossingen voor de medische en farmaceutische sector. Lees verder [Bron:]

Technobis Mechatronics was founded 25 years ago

april 1, 2021

April 1st, better known as April Fool’s Day is an annual custom consisting of practical jokes and hoaxes. But for Technobis it isn’t a Joke that 25 years ago, Technobis Mechatronics was founded from a passion for technology, development, and the desire to create great and innovative solutions for our customers. The main technology we used back in those days was mechatronics. We became a company that realizes high tech products for customers and mechatronics is now used primarily as a mean to an end and not so much as a goal in itself. We decided that it was time for a new name, a name which relates more to our current activities, business and our mission statement: “Realizing high tech medical products that matter, together!” Our new website is now live: Technobis-hightechsolutions. We would like to thank all our clients for your confidence you have in our company in the past 25 years.