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Let’s shape the future together

SEGULA Technologies Nederland BV develops advanced intelligent systems, in particular for the High Tech and Automotive industry in the Benelux. Established in 2010, this company is part of the SEGULA Group which has its head office in France (6800 employees worldwide). As a project organisation, they apply their (engineering) knowledge to non-linear systems. This knowledge is comprised of systems architecture and modelling, analysis, mechanics, mechatronics, electronics, software, system integration, calibration and validation. Segula’s priorities for the coming years will be aimed at Thermal and Flow control, Robotics and the development of Autonomous Multi Physics Systems.

SEGULA Technologies Nederland is the High Tech Excellence Centre within the Group. They strive to be in the top 3 for delivery of High End solutions in the High Tech and Automotive market. Their mission is to connect themselves with the goals and objectives of their customers. Making the right choices within a project at the right time is made possible by their unique (project) approach. This approach is based on a systems architecture concept, supported by solid project management. Model Driven Development is central in Segula’s approach, this is applied in various phases of the project. Ultimately this results in a project that satisfies the given requirements for function, quality and budget.


Customers choose Segula Technologies because:

• They are able to manage “work packages” and/or full-size projects (Commitment on performance)
• They provide a network of design offices close to our customers (Customers proximity)
• They constantly invest in Research & Innovation (Technological progress)
• They develop of highly productive platforms (Competitiveness)
• They offer a multi-sector experience

Breeding ground for high tech talent

People are central in Segula Technologies’s philosophy. Their organisation aims to provide a ‘life long learning’ experience within an environment that offers coaching on-the-job as well as a focus on each’s personal development. An inspirational work environment with the stimulus to innovate, cooperate and share knowledge creates the ideal flora and fauna for a breeding ground for continuous development. To feed this breeding ground, at Segula Technologies they are continuously on the lookout for talented people who are fascinated by technology and have an ‘open’ mind towards the technology of the future. ‘Let’s shape the future together’ is a promise not only to the market, but also to Segula’s talented employees.

Key Figures

• 6800 employees
• 70 locations in 20 countries
• More than 300 industrial clients worldwide

Segula Technologies Netherlands offers:

Segula Technologies in the Netherlands is the High Tech Systems competence centre within the Segula Group. Their priorities for the coming years will be aimed at Thermal and Flow control, Robotics and the development of Autonomous Multi Physics Systems. Segula supports customers in the High-tech industry as a contract development partner offering competences in the field of:

• systems architecture
• modelling
• analysis
• mechanics
• mechatronics
• electronics
• software
• system integration
• calibration and validation

Safran and SEGULA Technologies continue to support the fight against Covid-19 by adapting Decathlon’s Easybreath Subea mask for use in hospitals

april 17, 2020

Safran has adapted the Easybreath Subea snorkeling mask from sports retailer Decathlon to protect medical personnel from airborne droplets that could transmit the coronavirus, in conjunction with the engineering firm SEGULA Technologies and with support from the French Armed Forces Biomedical Research Institute (IRBA). Safran and SEGULA Technologies are offering open access to the files needed for 3D printing, based on a free license, thus allowing hospitals and healthcare professionals to make their own adaptation kits. Safran has already 3D-printed these kits, and is providing 200 modified masks to university hospitals. Read more

SEGULA Technologies paves the way for liquefied natural gas as an alternative fuel for the rail sector

maart 6, 2020

SEGULA Technologies announces its participation in the RaiLNG pilot project, with which the Spanish rail sector intends to demonstrate the potential and viability of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as an alternative fuel for the operation of railways. Read more

SEGULA Technologies starts operating business with the European engineering campus in Rüsselsheim, Germany

augustus 30, 2019

SEGULA Technologies and Groupe PSA/Opel concluded today the transaction for the Rüsselsheim development centre and the Rodgau-Dudenhofen test facility in Germany. Around 700 employees will start work on Monday, 2 September in Rüsselsheim and Rodgau-Dudenhofen. The contract also includes the takeover of buildings, test facilities and equipment at both locations. Read more

SEGULA Technologies opens an office in Japan to support its growth in Asia

mei 28, 2019

SEGULA Technologies, a global engineering group, opens an office in Japan for the first time. The new office is located in Yokohama, a major commercial hub of the Greater Tokyo Area.

Noritaka Tsuru, previously a vehicle development expert – with more than 30 years’ experience at Nissan, General Motors, and Faurecia – will lead the operations in Japan as Managing Director. Read more

SEGULA Technologies, Global engineering group | 2019

mei 16, 2019

SEGULA Technologies is presenting three augmented reality and artificial intelligence applications for industry 4.0

maart 23, 2019

– Augmented reality by projection and on tablet
– Augmented reality by glasses
– Assembly control by artificial intelligence

Read more

Discover Segula Technologies 2018 retrospective in video!

januari 16, 2019

Every day we take on technical and technological challenges which shape the future in driverless vehicles, the 3D printing revolution, new materials, augmented reality, industrial drones and artificial intelligence. We invite you to relive the highlights of this year in pictures!

SEGULA Technologies wins the Industry and Technology Consulting award of the Grand Prix National de l’Ingénierie

november 2, 2018

With its concept car Hagora Pulse, global engineering group SEGULA Technologies wins the Industry and Technology Consulting award of the Grand Prix National de l’Ingénierie [French National Engineering Grand Prix]. The competition is organised by Syntec-Ingénierie, in partnership with the French Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, as well as the Directorate General for Enterprises (DGE) of the French Ministry for the Economy and Finance. Read more

Segula Technologies confirms talks about a potential strategic partnership with Groupe PSA/Opel

september 5, 2018

Global engineering group SEGULA Technologies (“Segula”) today confirms talks about a potential strategic partnership with Groupe PSA/Opel, aimed at the creation of a European engineering campus and Center of Excellence in Rüsselsheim, Germany. This would include a takeover of up to 2,000 employees of the current Rüsselsheim R&D Center. Read more

Segula Technologies Enters Cooperation With ESG MOBILITY to Further Strengthen its Position in Germany and Pave the Way Towards its Strategic Vision for 2022

juli 5, 2018

Worldwide engineering group SEGULA Technologies (“Segula”) today announces its cooperation in strategic projects with ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH, based in Munich, Germany. Under the brand “ESG MOBILITY”, ESG supplies a diverse range of products and services geared toward the mobility of tomorrow, in the areas of E/E and software/IT, with a focus on automated driving, e-mobility and connected solutions. Read more [Source:]

Multistation and Segula Technologies have entered into a partnership in the field of Additive Manufacturing in an industrial context

juni 21, 2018

Following on from the 3D Print Exhibition in Lyon, Multistation, a key player in the field of additive manufacturing, and Segula Technologies, an international engineering group, are announcing that they have set up a partnership to develop the industrial potential of 3D printing. Read more

Fast-growing global engineering group Segula Technologies plans to recruit 4,600 people worldwide in 2018

februari 1, 2018

Working for key players in the automotive, aerospace, energy, rail, naval, pharmaceutical and oil & gas sectors, the group plans to recruit some 4,600 people from across the world. Read more

NEWS SEGULA Technologies Netherlands – SOLAR Team sponsor and technical partner!

december 8, 2017

The Solar Team Stella Vie, made up of students from Eindhoven University of Technology, won the celebrated Bridgestone World Solar Challenge with its solar car. SEGULA Technologies Netherlands has worked with the Solar Team since 2012. Our teams helped develop the car, providing expertise in terms of systems architecture and project management.

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge has become the world’s leading innovation challenge, with teams from around the world vying, every 2 years, to become the first to deliver sustainable solar-powered vehicles.

Segula Keynote on robotics Excellence

mei 31, 2016

The Netherlands belongs without reservation to the leading international authorities in the domain of high tech mechatronics. Outstanding systems engineering know-how formalizes development of advanced mechatronics systems with dominantly linear and predictable input-output behaviors, which greatly facilitates mainly linear control designs for these systems.

The impact of graphene on Djokovic

mei 27, 2016

An illustrative overview of a journey of Novak Djokovic from his first contacts with tennis, rising up in Serbia, up to becoming the dominant figure in the tennis sport in the latest years. What formed his competitive character?

model-based development of a robotised rubber sealing system’

december 31, 2015

Development of mechatronics systems featuring interaction of controlled processes is one of the priorities of Segula Technologies Netherlands. Examples are control of motion, temperature, force, pressure, contamination, humidity, etc. These examples are relevant in many industries and different applications including production automation. A particular problem of interest is robotised assembly of complex products. Instead of human workers, robots perform grasping and manipulation of the product parts during their assembly. Read more

Working on STELLA 2.0

juli 2, 2015


As sponsor and partner of the project Stella, we are proud of the world class performance made by the Solar Team Eindhoven in 2013. And we are of course proud of our own contribution to the project. It is really fantastic to have the possibility to work together with such a passionate team. Solar Team Eindhoven, which is currently working on STELLA 2.0 the new solar-powered car, has our support as technical partner and sponsor.

Technology is the future

juni 16, 2015

Leading high tech companies are now recruiting technical graduates and professionals for innovative projects that break new ground.

Preferred Supplier for DAF

juni 4, 2015

Segula recently signed a two-year contract with the product development department at DAF. This means that Segula is now one of the preferred suppliers in the field of engineering. The contract came about as a direct result of Segula’s knowledge of the truck market, the trends and developments in the market and the international network of the Segula Group.

Segula Development Partner Stella 2.0 of Solar Team Eindhoven

mei 2, 2015

As project partner and sponsor of STELLA 1.0 we were and still are very proud of the world performance made by the Solar Team Eindhoven in 2013. Justifiably proud of the success of our substantive contribution. Of course, this success has an enormous spinoff for (potential) customers. The Solar Team Eindhoven which is now working on STELLA 2.0 can also rely on our support. It is great to be able to work together with such an enthusiastic team of students.

HTS2015 demonstrator

april 3, 2015

Om projecten succesvol en ‘for-the-first-time-right’ af te ronden voor opdrachtgevers hebben we binnen Segula een eigen methode ontwikkeld: kosten efficiënt ontwikkelen, beter, sneller en goedkoper. Patrick Smulders (Director System Architecture) legt uit hoe dit werkten geeft inzicht in deze methodiek.

FERCHAU Engineering and SEGULA Technologies sign partnership agreement

februari 13, 2015

FERCHAU Engineering and SEGULA Technologies have signed a partnership frame contract agreement. This means that SEGULA Technologies is a preferred supplier to FERCHAU.