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LouwersHanique is a well-positioned, recognized leading specialist in the development and manufacturing of high-end solutions in the field of the thermal and mechanical processing of technical glass and ceramic materials. The company activities also include the bonding and [clean room] assembly of unique material combinations based on an extensive range of bonding and integration technologies.


LouwersHanique is your international supply chain partner in the field of total integrated solutions for a wide range of applications and industries. This includes fundamental research, concept development, engineering, and consultancy up to and including regular [series] production. The main company focus and strength lies with low volume – high mix niche solutions for high-end applications and leading edge industries and customers driving todays and tomorrows technological progression.


The company is driven by the ambition to meet the ever changing highest customer requirements and standards based on World Class Manufacturing practices resulting 100% process and quality control thus leading the highest possible QLTC reliability and overall product value for the lowest integral costs. To retain that position we have built on our vast experience to continually develop new skills, new technologies and invest in state of the art production equipment and facilities. This, combined with our highly skilled and motivated workforce of over 110 technicians enables us to produce components of a quality and precision that surpass your QLTC expectations. With implemented lean manufacturing principles, JIT and 5S best practices. This combined with our no-nonsense customer approach offers you competitive products and solutions with consistent quality on time, every time.

Markets include: semiconductor, analytical, [bio]chemistry, energy, laser and optoelectronics, special lighting, pharmaceutical, medical & life sciences, water purification, replication.

LouwersHanique is located in the High Tech Brainport Region of the Netherlands and is ISO 9001:2008 certified by TÜV

Selective Laser-Induced Etching

mei 24, 2019

high tech bedrijven 190524

LouwersHanique is continuously developing the latest technologies for the processing of high-end brittle materials such as synthetic quartz, sapphire, and silicon carbide. After strategic collaboration with LightFAB UG, SLE (Selective Laser-Induced Etching) was added to the LouwersHanique portfolio. Read more

Mechanische bewerking van kwartsglas, technisch glas en keramiek

maart 16, 2019

De aanwezige infrastructuur inclusief grade 2-reiniging en kwalificatie, 
cleanroomassemblage, de meest geavanceerde CNC maak- en meetapparatuur en niet te vergeten de uitgebreide en diepgaande aanwezige kennis van ons engineeringsteam, zorgen ervoor dat gerenommeerde OEM-klanten uit de opto-elektronische en halfgeleiderindustrie zich al jaren thuis voelen bij LouwersHanique. Lees verder

Beste Onderner nominatie BOV 2016

oktober 17, 2016

Interview met directeur Eduard Biekens in Bedrijvig Brabant: ‘‘Wij maken de stap van know how naar know why”

oktober 16, 2014

In de rubriek Blankendaal versus interviewt John Blankendaal (managing director Brainport Industries) iedere maand een directeur van een high tech onderneming. Deze maand spreekt Blankendaal met Eduard Biekens van LouwersHanique. Lees het hele bericht