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From the initial idea to aftersales, from the control system to the drive shaft. In future, you will need to successfully handle more extensive tasks in ever shorter times frames. So it’s good to know that you have a partner at your side who can make many of these tasks easy. This is our top priority and the focus of our action is: you!

With our motivated and committed approach, we work together with you to create the best possible solution and set your ideas in motion – regardless of whether you are looking to optimise an existing machine or develop a new one.

As a global specialist in Motion Centric Automation, we offer you products, drive solutions, complete automation systems, engineering services and tools from a single source.

We are one of the few providers in the market who are alongside you for the entire development process of your machine – from initial ideas to aftersales, from the control system all the way to the drive shaft.

Learn about our wide range of skills and discover everything you need to know about one of the leading drive and automation specialists in the field of machine engineering.


A qualified Lenze team of approx. 50 employees in the centre of the Netherlands offers a wide range of support to customers. Our sales and application engineers have a great deal of know-how and are very well equipped to develop the best concepts for the industrial supply chain. With a large industry in consumer goods, intralogistics in factory automation, the Dutch crew is focussed and trained to create the most productive, reliable and easy to use machine concepts. Together with our customers we develop new solutions – sharing know-how is vital to get to the point.

Our approved training centre is also a source for market driven and successful new machines and applications.


Lenzes‘ smart servo axis for motion control comes with IIoT functions

september 25, 2020

An innovative #motioncontrol concept that reduces complexity and provides modern, intelligent functions for IIoT creates benefits for OEMs and machine operators. Lenze’s smart servo axis achieves up to 20 percent faster cycle times. The solution also shows its advantages in #engineering. Read more

Lenze´s Condition Monitoring Concept wins Global Label Award for Innovation 2020 

september 18, 2020

The Award for Innovation (for companies with more than 300 employees) went jointly to Lenze SE and Paper Converting Machine Company. Lenze SE was recognized for its use of data already available in a press servo drive to provide Smart Condition Monitoring instead of adding extra sensors. Read more [Source: labelsandlabeling]

Parking 4.0

september 12, 2020

Samen met onze klant Lödige Industries tillen we het parkeren naar een hoger niveau door de klassieke ondergrondse parkeergarage te combineren met een volautomatisch parkeersysteem – met andere woorden, parking 4.0. Lees verder

Frank Maier CTO Lenze: Data alleen heeft slechts een lage waarde

augustus 5, 2020

Hoe Lenze machinefabrikanten ondersteunt bij het verhogen van de prestaties van hun machines? Bij het vroegtijdig voorkomen én het opsporen van problemen in de machine en bij toegang op afstand, welke mogelijkheden de IoT Gateway x500 en de bijbehorende dataservice X4Remote bieden voor de connectivity naar de Cloud … Interview met Frank Maier. Lees verder [Bron: linkmagazine]

Condition Monitoring

juli 16, 2020

When the drive becomes a sensor: We are illustrating how smart Condition Monitoring can be realised that provides extensive information about the “state of health” of machines and plants without the need for any additional, costly sensor technology. Read more and watch the video

Lenze Webcast | #2 Plug&Produce

juni 26, 2020

Industry 4.0, digitalization, IIoT have been on everyone’s lips for years – the only thing missing so far is the implementation of concrete and integrated solutions that really enable more flexible and productive manufacturing. But the pressure is increasing: More individualization, smaller batch sizes, more frequent configuration changes, the production line should be as cost efficient as possible. Watch the video

Lenze Webcast | Digital Challenge

juni 19, 2020

The digital transformation: Long known, ​ but do you act accordingly? What are the decisive preconditions for the effective use of this enormous potential? And: What are the consequences for machine manufacturers? This talk will focus on the most important success factors and pragmatic steps for decision makers in mechanical engineering. Watch the video

Lenze helpt OEM’ers te voldoen aan Ecodesign richtlijn

mei 22, 2020

Aangezien de nieuwe, aangescherpte richtlijn inzake ecologisch ontwerp in de zomer van 2021 in heel Europa van kracht wordt, moet de energie-efficiëntie van asynchrone standaardmotoren van Lenze, met name die ontworpen zijn voor continu gebruik, verder worden verbeterd. Om de overgang tot een succes te maken, is Lenze begonnen met het verzamelen van eenvoudig te begrijpen basisinformatie en een complete checklist voor OEM’ers en machineoperators. Lees verder [Bron: linkmagazine]

Lenze Inside – het geautomatiseerde logistiek centrum

mei 21, 2020

Je gaat naar de supermarkt, koopt melk, eieren, brood en alles wat je nodig hebt. De schappen zijn altijd goed gevuld en de keuze is reuze! Maar achter de volle schappen ligt een enorme logistieke inspanning: Geautomatiseerde logistieke centra spelen een vitale rol in de bevoorrading van de supermarkten met voedings- en niet-voedingsproducten voor ons dagelijks leven. Wij ondersteunen de soepele werking van het nieuwe magazijn met onze individuele automatiseringsoplossingen voor onze klant Witron. Lees verder [Bron: WITRON Group op LinkedIN]


Plug & Produce for the Smart Factory

mei 14, 2020

Self-managing production lines are here! In the flexible production of the future, machine modules will not only be coupled automatically, they will coordinate themselves as part of a production line, communicate and interact in the production process. With the Plug & Produce concept, Lenze presents the path into this future. Download whitepaper

We have the answers to your questions about the new Energy Efficiency Regulation

mei 8, 2020

The Ecodesign Directive – also known as the ErP Directive – imposes new minimum efficiency levels for electric motors and reduces the previous exceptions. If you sell machines with electric motors within Europe, they must meet the higher energy efficiency requirements from July 1, 2021. This represents an opportunity to optimize the energy balance of your machine. We are ready and waiting to make implementation as easy as possible for you. Read more

Are you looking for an innovative partner for future-proof solutions?

april 24, 2020

You have found one here!

With Lenze at your side, you are well equipped to deal with challenges today and in the future. Sound mechatronics, innovative automation solutions and digital services: our strategic orientation means your success story is guaranteed. Read more

Real-time condition monitoring needs no extra sensors

januari 17, 2020

Lenze has developed algorithms for various applications and says it can help engineers to turn their knowledge of machines into #ConditionMonitoring models that will improve machine performance. Read more [Source: drivesncontrols]

Hard on the outside, same on the inside!

december 13, 2019

Hard on the outside, same on the inside! The i550 protec is exceptionally tough. Its IP66 protection class and NEMA 4X Outdoor makes it suitable for even the most demanding applications. Dusty or wet, it can handle it all. Watch the video

Nieuwe generatie Lenze-controllers voldoet aan de groeiende eisen van de industrie 4.0

november 27, 2019

Flexibeler, intelligentere machines betekenen een grotere complexiteit – en dus hogere eisen aan de regelaarprestaties. Lenze speelt in op deze trend met zijn nieuwe kastcontrollers. Deze nieuwe generatie regelaars verlegt de grenzen van wat technisch mogelijk is. Lees verder [Bron: automatie-pma]

Lenze: digitale transformatie biedt machinebouw nieuwe kansen

november 9, 2019

Een veelbelovend concept voor het regulieren van eindeloze datastromen is de Asset Administration Shell (AAS). AAS is nu al een belangrijk onderdeel van het referentie-architectuurmodel Industrie 4.0 (RAMI 4.0), zo meldt de Duitse onderneming. Lees verder

Nu eerste stappen zetten richting smart factory

oktober 24, 2019

Standaardisatie en modularisatie zijn cruciale enablers van de smart factory die in het plaatje van Industrie 4.0/Smart Industry passen. En daar zit behoorlijk schot in, zeggen twee experts van machineautomatiseerder Lenze. ‘Er is nog huiswerk te doen. Maar de tijd is nu wel rijp om stappen te zetten in modularisatie en om de machines en modules van een productielijn OPC-UA compliant te maken – want dat is het one and only informatie- & communicatieplatform voor de smart factory.’ Lees verder [Bron: linkmagazine]

Cross-machine communication

oktober 8, 2019

The whitepaper OMAC PackML provides an insight into the topic of cross-machine communication based on standardized information models (PackML). Read more

Lenze i950, the Smart Servo Axis

oktober 4, 2019

The flexible production line of the future – Plug & Produce

september 20, 2019

The future of production starts with Plug & Produce. If corresponding modules of production lines are exchanged, the controller must be reprogrammed up to now. The Plug & Produce approach makes it much easier and faster.

Cloud computing in mechanical engineering

september 14, 2019

This Whitepaper provides detailed basic knowledge about cloud computing and the associated service models. It shows the advantages for the OEM and gives tips on how the implementation can be simplified. The paper looks at the risks and pitfalls cloud users might face, helps choosing the right cloud model and details the different billing methods. It’s a hands-on approach on cloud in the production process and delivers many concrete examples on how the cloud enables progress through data analysis and processing. Download Whitepaper

Business Models for Industrie 4.0

augustus 24, 2019

As digitalization progresses, new doors are constantly opening to customers, processes and data that were previously closed, or at least could not be used economically until now. Who doesn’t dream of the disruptive business model with which the market is conquered and which leaves the competition left behind astonished. But it’s not that simple. A good portion of luck is needed to get there. In addition, success is based on a combination of a fundamental understanding of the success factors of innovation, organizational skills and hard, small-scale work, which places learning progress in the foreground and not the achievement of target figures. This whitepaper establishes the relation between these topics and brings the hyped topic “new business models” back to the ground of mechanical engineering reality. Download Whitepaper

550 frequency inverters

juni 1, 2019

high tech bedrijven lenze 190601

The frequency inverters of the i510 and i550 series support a power range from 0.25 to 132 kW. The basic i510 inverter covers a power range from 0.25 to 15 kW and the universally applicable i550 which enables communication via all common fieldbuses covers a power range from 0.25 to 132 kW. Read more

High throughput rate in the logistics centres

mei 20, 2019

The INTELIS PTS shuttle system from Savoye, which was specially developed for goods-to-man applications, is currently one of the fastest solutions for automated storage of totes, compartments and cartons in high-bay warehouses. The necessary drive technology was developed in close cooperation with Lenze. IN-TELIS PTS is designed to make order picking more convenient and productive, especially in ecommerce , through a faster product-to-person connection.

Marcel Toonen: ‘Samen met klant nu juiste keuzes maken voor goede business straks’

mei 8, 2019

In hun werkveld is zó veel gaande dat machine(module)bouwers er niet aan ontkomen om ingrijpende keuzes te maken. Maar welke zijn de juiste? En waar begin ik? ‘Door hun en onze knowhow te bundelen en samen te sparren en brainstormen, gaan we de beste weg vinden’, claimt machineautomatiseerder LenzeLees verder  Bron: linkmagazine.nl, foto: Bart van Overbeeke]

The Digital Twin

april 25, 2019

high tech bedrijven lenze 190425

This white paper accompanies a robot through the complete product life cycle and uses various examples to explain the vision behind the digital twin and the benefits it promises in the very different phases. Read more

Lenze sorting cell and digital twin

maart 30, 2019

De productie van de toekomst heet Plug & Produce

maart 5, 2019

high tech bedrijven lenze 190305

Een nieuwe opdracht, een nieuw product, een nieuw format: er is een vervanging gepland bij de Infeed en Pick & Place van de productielijn, packaging en paletizer blijven onveranderd, maar de outfeedmodule moet ook worden vervangen. Lees verder [Bron: automatie-pma.nl]

The smart solution for materials handling technology

maart 2, 2019

high tech bedrijven lenze 190302

Requirements such as torque, energy efficiency and starting torque cannot be simultaneously optimised using conventional technology. Smart drives for horizontal conveying systems solve this dilemma, while reducing the number of variants and engineering effort required in control cabinets and for cabling. Read more

Strategisch programma Lenze 2020+ houdt machine-automatiseerder op groeikoers

februari 1, 2019

high tech bedrijven lenze 190201

Meer doen met minder. Voor die uitdaging staan machinebouwers in het Industrie 4.0-tijdperk, vertelt Eric van den Broek, managing director van Lenze Benelux en UKLees verder [Bron: linkmagazine.nl]

Intuitive automation instead of complex processes

december 12, 2018

high tech bedrijven lenze 181212

More functions, more flexibility, more intelligence: the demands placed on automation are growing, as are the complexity of the solutions. The engineering and operator models used to date do not keep pace with progress – time and personnel expenditure are increasingly getting out of hand. With the latest products, new tools and showcases for modern development processes, this year’s SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg (27-29 November 2018) will see Lenze demonstrate that this trend can be reversed – with intuitive automation. Read more

The future of production is Plug & Produce

december 6, 2018

high tech bedrijven lenze 181206

A new job, a new product, a new format: A change is planned for Infeed and Pick&Place in the production line. Packaging and Paletizer will remain untouched, but the Outfeed module must also be changed. Read more

Lenze develops new tools and services based on the digital twin

december 1, 2018

high tech bedrijven lenze 181201

While production is already becoming increasingly digitised, the digital transformation is still in its infancy when it comes to engineering and development. Although the digital twin has already become a reality, what is still missing is a continuous tool chain. Lenze is working hard to drive forward the adaptation and expansion of its tools and services in order to close this gap. Machine automation is a topic that the experts tackle by working closely with OEMs. Read more

Together we develop solutions

oktober 25, 2018

Lenze Business Talks Industrial Internet of Things

oktober 20, 2018

50-million-euro investment: Lenze lays the foundations for a new mechatronics campus

oktober 1, 2018

high tech bedrijven lenze 1801001

The innovative project will secure employment for more than 800 members of staff, and is due to be completed at the end of 2019 and become operational in early 2020. Read more

Lenze EASY Machine 2.0

augustus 18, 2018

With the “EASY Machine 2.0”, Lenze proves its extensive application knowledge and solution competence in the fields of packaging technology, robotics and handling as well as materials handling technology.

Lenze PLC Designer: How to download and install it?

augustus 4, 2018

This tutorial shows where to download the Lenze PLC Designer and how to install it. Also have a look at the other tutorials out of the PLC Designer training series. Learn how to create a new project, how to write a PLC logic and much more.

Horizontal Conveying with Lenze Smart Motor

juli 18, 2018

Slimme servo-as voor effectieve en flexibele productieprocessen

juni 30, 2018

Lenze presenteerde zijn nieuwe i950 Servo Inverter in een smart drive-oplossing.

Lenze heeft een schaalbare drive-oplossing ontwikkeld voor productie- en intralogistieke systemen. Het gaat om een combinatie van een i950 servoversterker, een m850 synchrone motor en een g700 planetaire tandwielkast. Deze compacte oplossing is eenvoudig te hanteren en maakt kosteneffectieve productie mogelijk, zelfs voor batch-grootte 1. Lees verder

Digital engineering: hoe kan het eenvoudiger?

juni 23, 2018

Planning 3D-besturingskast: Lenze integreert de i500 Frequency Inverter volledig in het EPLAN Data Portal. Lees meer

Lenze white paper “Digital Challenge”

juni 9, 2018

Radical demands for changes are more likely to scare industry than encourage it to move towards Industry 4.0. Disruptive changes in the business model have been foreign to this sector up to now. 

Rising requirements for packaging machines

mei 17, 2018

high tech bedrijven lenze 180517

The innovativeness of the packaging industry means that new challenges are constantly arising with regard to the systems and machines that it uses. Increasing digitisation is and will continue to be a part of the current and future requirements for packaging machines. The following across-the-board trends are becoming more and more important.

Digital engineering: how to make it even easier

mei 9, 2018

high tech bedrijven lenze 180509

The Lenze i500 series of frequency inverters is now completely integrated into the EPLAN Data Portal. Before the data was included, Lenze and its customers discussed and agreed on the ideal way to present it in terms of quality, range and structure. Their work has paid off. Complete two-dimensional and three-dimensional datasets and detailed product master data help to design control cabinets more easily, more quickly and more precisely. This level of user-friendliness also extends to production, even with batch size 1. Thanks to the three-dimensional pictures of connections it is possible, for example, to customise complete cable harnesses with the correct lengths and connections fully automatically.

Smart servo axis for effective and flexible production processes

mei 1, 2018

Lenze has come up with a scalable drive solution for production and intralogistics systems. The combination of an i950 servo inverter, an m850 synchronous motor and a g700 planetary gearbox is easy to handle and facilitates cost-effective production, even for batch size 1.

Ready for the Internet of Things

april 24, 2018

high tech bedrijven lenze 180424

Lenze is opening a new chapter in automation for the Hannover Messe. The company’s latest modular device, the i950 Servo Inverter, gives machine manufacturers access to a comprehensive automation platform. In future it will no longer matter whether the machine builder is looking for a centralised or a decentralised automation topology or an intelligent mix of the two.

Ready for the Internet of Things

maart 2, 2018

Lenze is opening a new chapter in automation for the Hannover Messe. The company’s latest modular device, the i950 Servo Inverter, gives machine manufacturers access to a comprehensive automation platform. In future it will no longer matter whether the machine builder is looking for a centralised or a decentralised automaton topology or an intelligent mix of the two. Lenze’s future-proof portfolio covers the control level, the field level, and the electromechanics, and it ensures standardised data communication as well as connectivity to the cloud. It offers easy, efficient access for machine manufacturers who have to get highly flexible, intelligent, networked and custom-made machines to market as quickly as possible along with the corresponding digital offerings – and who regard the acquired expertise as a secure investment in the future. This can all be seen live in action at the Hannover Messe, at Stand H20 in Hall 14.

How can a system for the finishing of fabrics whose webs are often a good 1,000 or more metres long be managed in practice?

januari 25, 2018

high tech bedrijven lenze 180125

Easy and user-friendly operation of machines plays a vital role in modern production. That’s why leading manufacturer of textile machines Monforts, together with Lenze and the Bremen Institute for Integrated Design (IID), set up a trailblazing visualisation development project. 

Do you know how to secure maximum productivity and top quality and yet still be flexible enough to achieve batch size 1?

januari 17, 2018

high tech bedrijven lenze 180117

Today more and more individually tailored, customised kitchens are made. Batch size 1 is a hot topic. Austria based leading specialist in cut-to-size saw technology Schelling developed together with Lenze an intelligent solution for a saw centre. Top player: Lenze FAST “Pick & Place” module.

Implementatie van Lenze Strategy 2020+ is gestart

januari 2, 2018

In oktober maakte Lenze haar Strategy 2020+ bekend tijdens de persconferentie omtrent het Jaarrapport 2016/17. Om deze strategie de komende jaren te implementeren, heeft het bedrijf ruim 100 miljoen euro meer voor de toekomst gereserveerd dan het gangbare investeringsniveau. Lees meer

Wij automatiseren machines – en maken het gemakkelijk

december 16, 2017

De 70e verjaardag vieren met ‘a Future Day of Machine Manufacturing’

Betrouwbaarheid, productiviteit en eenvoud: deze drie eigenschappen zijn fundamenteel, zelfs na 70 jaar. Het was 1947 toen Hans Lenze zijn droom begon te verwezenlijken om de wereld in beweging te zetten. In het tijdperk van Industrie 4.0 met de snelle verspreiding van digitalisering, zijn die drie kwaliteiten nog steeds belangrijke criteria bij het beoordelen van de kwaliteit van machines en volledige productielijnen. Lees meer

VACATURE: Trainees Systems Application Engineering

december 15, 2017

Robotics and industrial internet of things don’t sound like the newest science fiction novel to you, but rather like the future of mechanical engineering? If so, we should definitely talk. As one of the world’s leading specialists in automation technology, we are true trailblazers taking Industrie 4.0 to the next level. And we are looking for trainees to augment our Systems Engineering team to crucially enhance our international team for the future Read more

A new chapter in automation

oktober 13, 2017

high tech bedrijven lenze 171013

Lenze is opening a new chapter in automation for the coming SPS IPC Drives. With its new i950 Servo inverter, the automation specialist removes the boundaries between controller-based automation and drive-based automation. For the customer, whether he wants to have a central automation topology, a decentralised one or an intelligent mixture of the two will no longer play a role. From the viewpoint of software engineering, it will be irrelevant whether a servo inverter is integrated into the machine topology as a simple actuator, as a parameterisable axis or as a freely programmable axis when the new module of the automation platform is launched. Designed to meet the needs of the future, Lenze’s portfolio includes products for the control level, the field level and the electromechanics and ensures standardised data communication as well as data storage in the cloud.

Overall victory in the world’s first driverless race

september 1, 2017

high tech bedrijven lenze 170901

For the first time ever a new category featured on the programme of Formula Student Germany at Hockenheimring: the Formula Student Driverless. This category focuses on converting existing electric racing cars to driverless mode. Overall victory in this category was won by the team from the Academic Motorsports Club Zurich (AMZ). The electric racing car with the lovely name “flüela” has MOBILE inverters by Lenze Schmidhauser. The manufacturer of drive solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles is the global player and automation specialist Lenze.

Compact and easy: the new m850 synchronous servo motors

augustus 26, 2017

high tech bedrijven lenze 170826

Right on time for Hannover Messe, Lenze is supplementing its portfolio with the new m850 synchronous servo motors with medium dynamic responsiveness in the upper power range. The m850 series is very compact and easy to control, and is characterised by its optimal smooth running properties. This means that the synchronous servo motors are especially suitable for positioning tasks, for example in robotics, in packaging systems and in handling systems.

#70000Lenze – People with courage

mei 31, 2017

high tech bedrijven lenze 170531

This year Lenze celebrates its 70th company anniversary. Marking the occasion, Lenze has now pressed the start button for its ‘#70000Lenze – People with courage’ campaign. The automation specialist from Hameln is to donate the proceeds to the Pink Ribbon Germany organisation, or to be more precise to PINK KIDS – a unique initiative for children and youngsters whose mothers have breast cancer.

How OEMs can launch their own IoT services

mei 6, 2017

high tech bedrijven lenze 170506

Many machine and systems engineering companies are still uncertain about what Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) mean for their business model. Only a few of them have found their own strategy for dealing with the new trend. For partners of automation specialist Lenze, there is now an easy way for OEMs to create a digital business of their own with data-based added value.

Angela Merkel is Lenze’s guest at Hannover Messe

april 27, 2017

high tech bedrijven lenze 170427

The Hannover Messe industrial trade fair traditionally begins with a walkabout by German Chancellor Merkel and the Head of State of the country chosen as the fair’s Partner Country. This year, the Chancellor was accompanied by the Prime Minister of Poland, Beata Szydło. Together, the two top politicians visited the stand of the Lenze Group, where they were joined by Lower Saxony Premier Stephan Weil, Federal Minister of Education and Research Johanna Wanke and Chairman of the Federation of German Industries Prof. Dieter Kempf.

Swifter, safer aisle traversing

maart 28, 2017

high tech bedrijven lenze 170328

Enhanced system performance, reduced commissioning times and lower energy consumption – these are the main requirements for next-generation storage and retrieval units (SRUs). Lenze has now brought a fully rounded SRU solution package onto the market. The new automation solution has intelligent hardware and software in-side and is tailored to the requirements of modern SRUs. It offers sophisticated safety functions, simplifies engineering and improves system availability. The benefits are increased productivity, lower energy consumption and better use of space for logistics tasks.

Intelligent motor tailored for the job

maart 22, 2017

high tech systems lenze 170321

In time for the SPS IPC Drives Lenze showcases the m350, its new compact mechatronic drive package in three sizes. The g350 is a real material flow pro – and compared to all-rounders, perfectly tailored for the job. One reason why the Motion Centric Automation experts confidently call it “technically the best solution for horizontal material handling systems”.

More power for digitisation in mechanical engineering

maart 16, 2017

high tech bedrijven lenze 170316

As a result of its participation in the Sindelfingen software company logicline, which was signed and sealed in the middle of March, encoway is expanding its solutions competence in the ‘Cloud’ and ‘Mobile’ areas of business. In future, customers can profit from tools and services for comprehensive digitisation – from the machine to business activities. The previous co-shareholder and managing director, Edgar Schüber, remains on-board at logicline.

Engineering with virtual twinning

maart 7, 2017

high tech bedrijven lenze 170307

Virtual reality in machine and systems engineering: high definition VR glasses add a twist to the new computer games hitting the market daily. Lenze, on the other hand, is increasingly using this technology as an extremely effective engineering and training tool. VR’s main potential lies in making it easier to deal with the growing complexity of automation relationships, by giving programmers and design engineers live experience of their applications through a digital twin.

Lenze gearboxes with double torque

januari 12, 2017

high tech bedrijven lenze 170111

Torques up to 20,000 Nm: Lenze has enhanced its g500 gearbox series substantially. With the new two- and three-stage helical, bevel and shaft-mounted helical gearboxes, the Motion Centric Automation specialist is opening up new areas of use as the cast iron gearboxes provide twice as much torque as the previous range of Lenze products.

Intelligent motor tailored for the job

november 23, 2016


In time for the SPS IPC Drives Lenze showcases the m350, its new compact mechatronic drive package in three sizes. The m350 is a real material flow pro – and compared to all-rounders, perfectly tailored for the job. One reason why the Motion Centric Automation experts confidently call it “technically the best solution for horizontal material handling systems”.

Lenze: Safety throughout the system

november 5, 2016


The new Safety Controller c250-S from Lenze clears the way for projecting the entire drive, control and safety technology all as one piece. All of the machine’s safety needs can be programmed with just one engineering tool based on PLC open standard – regardless of whether the control technology is “grey” or “yellow”.

New controller improves the climate in the control cabinet

september 28, 2016


In modern mechanical engineering, there is an emerging trend that is currently experiencing a considerable boost due to the rising demand for more flexible modes of production: machines are increasingly becoming modular. However, anyone who want to modularise needs technology that can be used without it taking up too much space. In the end, it is only thanks to the decentralised control cabinet that a module really becomes independent.

Anniversary celebrations at Lenze’s production site in Poland

september 10, 2016

high tech bedrijven lenze 160910

The production site at Tarnów (Poland) is celebrating its 20th anniversary: founded in 1996, today the factory stands for productivity and reliability. It forms the basis for Lenze’s competitiveness in the field of electrical engineering and is regarded as an important production site for mechanical processing within the Lenze Group. As Thomas Riegel, Managing Director of Lenze Operations GmbH explains: “160 employees work at the site, which produces mechanical components for gearboxes and assembles geared motors for the entire Lenze Group.

New electric car world record

augustus 8, 2016

high tech bedrijven lenze 160808

From zero to hundred in 1.513 seconds: Students of the Academic Motorsports Club Zurich (AMZ) succeeded in setting a new acceleration world record with their “grimsel” electric racing car. The electrically driven “Formula Student” racing car runs with MOBILE inverters by Lenze Schmidhauser. The manufacturer of drive solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles is a sponsor and supplier to the motor sport competition for young engineers.

Easy parameter setting per smartphone

mei 3, 2016


Operating the new i500 could not be more easy or user-friendly: a WLAN diagnostics module is now available for the frequency inverter for ease of handling even in inaccessible places.

Smart Energy Recovery r700 for easy economically efficient power recovery

april 27, 2016

high tech bedrijven lenze 160427

Lenze’s new Smart Energy Recovery r700 takes power recovery to new levels of economic efficiency, practicality and, most importantly, simplicity.

Solutions for the factory of the future

maart 17, 2016

high tech bedrijven lenze 160317

“Integrated Industry – Discover Solutions” is the motto of this year’s Hanover fair. This year Lenze is focusing on practical Industry 4.0 solutions that translate into flexible, operator-friendly, energy-efficient machines.

Stacking more intelligently

december 18, 2015

hightechbedrijven lenze 121124

Fully fledged robot functions in simple gantry systems and automatic stackers that are used to handle materials? With the new robotics module in the FAST application software toolbox, Lenze is paving the way for easily configurating coordinated motion along several axes.

3-5-7, at the double-quick

december 13, 2015

high tech bedrijven lenze 151124

Lenze injects more speed into engineering

Drive technology is one of the key elements in mechanical engineering because it is responsible for motion control. With the advent of Industry 4.0, it is becoming increasingly important to control motion as simply as possible, in machines that have to become more and more flexible. More than ever before, there is a need for machines that require parameterisation instead of programming.

Self-parameterisation: an ever-recurring topic

december 5, 2015

high tech bedrijven lenze 151205

i500 is the name of the radically new series of frequency inverters from Lenze, the specialist in Motion Centric Automation. The i500 sets new standards in terms of size, modularity, and easy commissioning, and it meets the highest standards of resource efficiency. Director of Innovation Frank Maier provides a look into the near future and shows how Industry 4.0 functions have been integrated into the new devices.

Reduction to the essentials

november 28, 2015

high tech bedrijven lenze 151127

i500: The new frequency inverter from Lenze stands out because of its compact design, efficiency and easy commissioning

Getting rid of everything that is superfluous: Lenze is launching its new i500 series of frequency inverters, whose functions and power can be tailored to really meet all individual needs. With the i500, Lenze is offering machine builders all over the world a core product that can be used universally, while setting new standards in terms of size (compactness), adaptability to applications (modularity) and easy commissioning (usability), and at the same time meeting the highest standards of resource efficiency.

Lenze Group achieves sales record and increases profitability again

oktober 8, 2015


The Lenze Group caters to customer demand globally. The company is represented in 60 countries and in every continent by its sales companies, development and production plants, and logistics centres and service stations. This offers customers all over the world the closeness that is the first prerequisite of successful cooperation.

Lower Saxony’s Prime Minister pays Lenze a visit

juli 1, 2015

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Stephan Weil, the Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, visited Motion Centric Automation specialist Lenze on the 1st of July. The Prime Minister was given a tour of the Lenze production plant at the Gross Berkel site, and he was also shown the Lenze Education Centre, where the company trains its roughly 90 trainees in business and technical skills.

Successful international cooperation

juni 24, 2015

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International cooperation between students and companies across the “Big Pond” leads to outstanding results. This has been proven once more by a student project involving the Institute for Drive Technology and Power Electronics at Leibniz University in Hannover, Germany, the Polytechnic Institute of Purdue University in West Lafayette, USA, and Lenze, the specialist in drive and automation technology.

Power regeneration can be so easy

april 13, 2015


Lenze is presenting the prototype of a new kind of solution for feeding energy back into mains and is demonstrating its strength as an innovator once again. The concept’s main features are its easy handling, compact design, and great efficiency.

Lenze presents new kind of gesture-controlled operating sys-tem for machine visualisation

februari 6, 2015

Both innovative and user-friendly, the new multitouch-based operating system for the visualisation makes it easy to operate and monitor machines. The system boasts an impressive ergonomic gesture-controlled operating unit, familiar to us from the daily use of smartphones and tablets. It represents a successful combination of the most up-to-date hardware, innovative software and an ergonomic operating concept. Optimal scalability is ensured by a number of different hardware and software variants.

Leadership in Engineering Winners: Lenze best in mechatronics

december 11, 2014

Design World Magazine and online network today announced the winners of the 2014 Leadership in Engineering program. Design World recognizes Lenze as best in mechatronics.