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IHI Hauzer Techno Coating B.V. (Hauzer) is a leading supplier of plasma coating technology and equipment. Job coaters and manufacturers in decorative, automotive and tool markets are provided with different PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) and PACVD (Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition) coating solutions worldwide. The batch machines as well as the inline machines are industrial (mass) production machines. Hauzer is also partner to many international universities and research institutes and participates in international research projects.

Hauzer Flexicoat® Equipment: Low Cost of Ownership

Hauzer supplies its Hauzer Flexicoat® equipment in different sizes and configurations. The smallest chamber size is 500 x 500mm, the largest 900 x 1500mm. All machines are flexible in their configuration. Different technologies, such as arc evaporation, several kinds of magnetron sputtering and PACVD, can be combined in one machine and upgrading to new technologies is always possible. The Hauzer Flexicoat® equipment ensures a low cost of ownership, due to fast cycles, efficient fixturing and high yield.


Metalliner® : Flexible Inline Production Platform

The Metalliner® is a flexible inline production platform that can be integrated in a fully automated production plant for an optimum mass production result with short cycle times. The modular design of the machine makes it possible to add process chambers for increased productivity.

Hauzer Techno coating Metalliner

CARC+, a New Standard in Tool Coatings

CARC+, abbreviation of Circular Arc Plus, is an industrially viable technology that is especially suitable for shaft tools, hobs, moulds and dies. The technology is fast and reliable and guarantees smooth coatings with excellent tool performance. Due to extremely high target utilization, the cost per batch will be significantly reduced. The technology is available in the Hauzer Flexicoat® 850, new or as an upgrade afterwards.


Technology: DLC Coatings for Automotive and Tool Markets

Mass production of Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coatings stared around 1995 when automotive components in diesel injection systems were coated in order to reduce friction in engines, thus lowering fuel consumption and reducing CO2 emissions. Hauzer joined these developments from the early stages and still supplies the leading technology in this field. In tool markets, DLC coatings are superior for the machining of cast and wrought aluminium and coating of plastic injection moulds.



april 27, 2019

New innovations are the main topic for this latest edition of the Hauzer for You. With us welcoming a new CEO and integrating new company Bernex in the Hauzer (IHI Group) , we see a bright future with plenty of new opportunities to follow. Read more

New Business leaflet available ‘Bipolar Plate Coatings’

april 9, 2019

high tech bedrijven hauzer 190409

Hauzer is a technology leader for tribological coatings. In the 1990s automotive suppliers started to use plasma coatings to reduce wear and friction in their engines. From the beginning, Hauzer cooperated with the leaders in the market to develop the most productive coating concepts with the best coating performance. Nowadays Hauzer Flexicoat equipment produces the best diamond like carbon (DLC) and nitride coatings for many applications. Read more

Dave Doerwald new CEO of IHI Hauzer Techno Coating

april 1, 2019

Hauzer is pleased to announce a change in leadership. On 1 April 2019, Dave Doerwald will become the new CEO of IHI Hauzer Techno Coating B.V. Dave Doerwald has a long history within Hauzer and is currently Hauzer’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). “Today’s markets require leadership that has a true technological eye,” says Jeroen Landsbergen, Hauzer CEO. “Dave understands our technology through and through, and I am happy to be able to pass the baton to him.” Read more


maart 1, 2019

In February 2019, the REACH Committee of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) decided to give companies using chromium trioxide (CrO3) in electroplating on plastic parts a maximum of 7 years to reassess the availability of safer alternatives or substitute the substance earlier when possible. Chromium trioxide is a carcinogenic substance and has long been a substance of very high concern (SVHC) in Europe. It is still widely used in chrome electroplating. Read more

New brochures Hauzer available

oktober 30, 2018

high tech bedrijven hauzer 181030

After launching our new website we also have new company brochures available as from nowRead more

Authorisation of CrVI: Seize the opportunity to make substitution a reality

oktober 25, 2018

The Alliance of PVD Providers (APP) of which Hauzer is a member, asks the European institutions to make substitution of hazardous chemicals under REACH a reality by replacing chromium trioxide (CrVI) by the sustainable alternative Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology. Read more


oktober 17, 2018

high tech bedrijven hauzer 181017

Cromatipic ‘ for a future without chromium pollution an eco-friendly coating solution is setting new standards” Hauzer “Cromatipic” is also presentative at the Automotive Interiors World Expo in Novi this years. Visit our booth at nr; A434. Read more


oktober 9, 2018

Hauzer is continuing to develop Cromatipic, our clean and invironmentally friendly alternatieve to electroplating. In our competence centre in Barcelona(Spain), we are running production in serial conditions and developing new applications. Read more


oktober 6, 2018

high tech bedrijven hauzer 181006

Tribological coating technology is aiding the development of fuel cell electric vehicles, as auto makers start to roll out the next generation of passenger cars. Read more

Celebrating a milestone: 500 machines

september 1, 2018

Due to the 500th machine we sold to HVM, a special interview has been taken with Jiri Vyskocil “Manager Director of HVM”. Read more

Manufacturing solutions

april 10, 2018

high tech bedrijven hauzer 180410

Manufacturing solutions for emerging technologies is the headline of the new brochure for New Business! Also Hauzer is looking towards the future, in our newest brochure we will highlight the new topics for 2018 and the future.

Interesting topics like Engergy and E-Mobilty, 3D printing and Finishing, Medical solutions, Cromatipic, Coating develepment and Industrial equipment solutions.

Article about Cromatipic in the Automotive Tier Supplier 2018 magazine

november 29, 2017

The chrome electroplating process for vehicle parts is tried and tested; it’s durable and can be polished to a high shine but uses potentially harmful chemicals, notably chromium 6. A challenge to its use has arisen in the form of EU environmental legislation. One of the aims of the REACH legislation is to reduce the use of hazardous materials in industrial processes where the health of people or the environment is at risk. As such this will impact on the use of electroplating for chrome parts, so in recent years an alternative has been sought and Hauzer believe they have the solution.

Galvanotechnik published article about opening Cromatipic Factory

oktober 18, 2017

high tech bedrijven hauzer 171018

Since many decades chromium(VI) containing electrolytes which state of the art for the deposition of chromium layers on plastic materials. But chromium(VI) will not be tolerated in the future and there is an urgent need for a safe and environmentally friendly production process combined with a continuos demand for beautiful chrome colours. Cromatipic® from IHI Hauzer is an alternative production process to electroplating. By this technology chromium layers can be deposited on plastic materials.

“Bipolar plate coating” article published in Engine Technology September issue

oktober 10, 2017

high tech bedrijven hauzer 171010

The Paris agreements on reduction of carbon emissions and the cost of coatings are strong drivers for innovation in the automotive industry. Because IHI Hauzer Techno Coating has developed many technologies and machine concepts in this field, Tier-1 suppliers know where to find their development partner.

“Hybrid Coatings Strengthens Market Position” article published in Werkzeug Technik”

oktober 4, 2017

A broad portfolio of plasma technologies combined with building inline platforms inspired IHI Hauzer Techno Coating to adopt a new company style. What does this broad range of technologies actually mean for tool makers and job coaters?

Hybrid Technologies

“Flexibility has always been a distinguishing factor of Hauzer machines,” Michiel adds, “as well as the way we build modular plasma coating machines. Modularity means that we can manufacture in an efficient way while we still offer lots of different options and combinations to our customers.

Opening Cromatipic Competence® Center Barcelona

juli 15, 2017

Friday the 30th of June we had a very successful Grand Opening of the Cromatipic factory in Gavà Barcelona. The opening of the advanced manufacturing line was accompanied by local authorities, IHI Board members and about 100 guests and customers from, for instance, the automotive industry and institutes.

New Company ID and download Hauzer for You 29 – Spring 2017

mei 4, 2017

high tech bedrijven hauzer 170504

Herewith we proudly present our new company ID! In the new spring edition of our Hauzer for You 29 we introduce the new logo and corporate style. Our new website will soon be launched.

The magazine will be sent in hard copy to a selected group of contacts. If you are interested to receive a copy, please contact us. info@hauzer.nl  Of course you can also download the magazine here.

Meilink en Trios beste toeleveranciers, IHI Hauser wint customer award

december 3, 2016

Meilink Industriële Verpakkingen uit Borculo Ruurlo en Trios Precision Engineering uit Neede zijn uitgeroepen tot de beste industriële toeleveranciers 2016 van Nederland. Dat gebeurde gisteravond tijdens een drukbezochte bijeenkomst op landgoed Mereveld in Utrecht. IHI Hauzer Techno Coating uit Venlo won de award voor de Best Customer. Lees meer [Bron:linkmagazine.nl]

IHI Hauzer Techno Coating in the News! L1 21-11-2016

november 22, 2016

Download Hauzer for You 28 – Fall 2016

oktober 14, 2016


The Fall edition of our Hauzer for You has been published.

The magazine will be sent in hard copy to a selected group of contacts. If you are interested to receive a copy, please contact us. Of course you can also download the magazine here.

Hauzer Wins Regional Smart Solution Award (Limburg)

augustus 6, 2016

high tech bedrijven hauzer 160806

And reached the top 3 of the national award.

Hauzer is the winner of the Smart Solution Award by Metaalunie for the region Limburg.

Koninklijke Metaalunie awarded Hauzer the honour on the grounds that we distinguish ourselves in our markets. Our expansion in Asian markets, combined with new technologies and new production platforms are viewed as impressive.

Cromatipic new website online!

juli 15, 2016

Visit our new Cromatipic® website now to understand the new standard of chrome on plastics. Go to: www.cromatipic.nl.

Download Hauzer for You 27 – Spring 2016

mei 11, 2016

The Spring edition of our Hauzer for You magazine has been published. More info

Hauzer Acquires Cromatipic®, Ecological Chroming System for Automotive market

januari 13, 2016

IHI Hauzer Techno Coating in The Netherlands is pleased to announce that it has acquired the intellectual property rights and trade marks for Cromatipic®, formerly owned by Sidasa Engineering in Spain. All responsibilities, ownership of process, technology and factory engineering have been included in this transaction and Hauzer will be supplier of consumables to all Cromatipic® users worldwide.

Trends in Tool Coating Technology

november 14, 2015

The main reason for coating professional cutting and forming tools is the improvement of tool life. In this article Hauzer’s product team tool, consisting of Michiel Eerden and Gabriela Negrea will give you some insight in the current trends that influence the development of tool coating technologies.

Download Hauzer for You 26 – Autumn 2015

september 24, 2015

The following articles can be read in the magazine:

• Jeroen Landsbergen, CEO
• Trends in Tool Coating Technology
• Robust and Popular Workhorse
• CARC+: Surpassing Benchmark Coatings
• Proven Technology for Oxide Coatings
• Forming Tools in the Spotlight
• Cross-over Markets, Teams Develop Together
• HIPIMS; The Power of the Pulse
• Trends in Tribological Coating Technology
• Machines for Tribological Coatings
• Metalliner®: Integrated in Mass Production Line
• Trends in Decorative Coating Technology
• The Theory of Colour Measurements
• Alternatives for Plating on Plastics
• Meet us…

The magazine will be sent in hard copy to a selected group of contacts. If you are interested to receive a copy, please contact us. Of course you can also download the magazine here.

Plasma Coating

augustus 21, 2015

A new article will be published in the upcoming edition of Engine Technology International.  Improving economy is top of the agenda for enginees, which means that plasma coatings to reduce friction are an increasingly viable option.  The full article can be downloaded here

Surpassing Benchmark Coatings

juli 15, 2015

New technology takes time to be accepted, as experienced by Michiel Eerden, product manager tool coatings at IHI Hauzer Techno Coating. He says: ‘In the beginnen people had to get used to our CARC+ technology, but now that we have proven to surpass many benchmark coatings, our technology has become accepted as a new standard.

Download Hauzer for You magazine – Spring 2015

mei 12, 2015

The following articles can be read in the magazine:

• Strategy and Growth
• International Sales Meeting
• Sustainable Solutions
• Economically Viable PVD Coating Technology
• Synergy & Interaction
• Booming Upgrades
• Flexibility Is Our Strenght
• Meet us…

The magazine will be sent in hard copy to a selected group of contacts. If you are interested to receive a copy, please contact us. Of course you can also download the magazine here.

Jeroen Landsbergen New CEO

juli 4, 2014

Thomas Krug, the current CEO stepped down on the 1st of July 2014. His successor is Jeroen Landsbergen.

“Our plasma technology and equipment to produce hard coatings for the tool and automotive industry has a lot of potential,” Jeroen says. “Many industries could use the functionality of hard coatings and our aim is to spread our expertise and make it affordable.”

Download Hauzer for You Magazine – Spring 2014

april 25, 2014

The spring edition of our Hauzer for You magazine has been published. The following articles can be read in the magazine:
• Change of CEO: 2004 – 2014 & Beyond
• Making an Inpact with Tribology, University of Leeds
• Microwave Technology, Tribological Progress
• Arison Surface Technology in China: Keeping Ahead of the Market
• Tool Coatings from R&D to Mass Production
• International Awards for Hauzer
• ISO 9001: Hauzer Shanghai Fulfills Expectations

The magazine will be sent in hard copy to a selected group of contacts. If you are interested to receive a copy, please contact us. Of course you can also download the magazine here.

Hauzer wins gold with TiAlN coating

februari 13, 2014

In the beginning of 2014, a well-known American tool maker tested TiAlN coatings by machining different materials. The results were stunning. After six different tests (2x 4140 flood, 2x 4140 dry, 6Al4V and 304) Hauzer was the glorious number one with an average position of 2.33. The first competitor lagged behind with an average position of 4,17.