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D&M Vacuümsystemen B.V. is specialized in offering turn-key solutions for (high-quality and complex) vacuum systems. D&M Vacuümsystemen’s competitive advantage is that we are able to offer all vacuum-related knowledge and services from internal sources, creating the best and most cost-effective solutions for our wide range of clients.


D&M is a reliable and independent partner that has a specialized knowledge of high-end applications and related processes. To create this knowledge, D&M has its own workshop and production facility (for prototypes and smaller series) with a experienced team of vacuum specialists.

With these competences, D&M has received confidence and credits from various prestigious companies and institutes that are active in the following industries:

• RGA contamination analyses equipment
• Heat treatment systems (-150 – 1600 degrees C in (U) HV).
• Thin film deposition equipment (sputtering – evaporation )
• Big vacuum chamber manufacturing ( up to 4m in own workshop)
• Vacuumsystems automation in Labview

Process Equipment

april 6, 2019

Our strength is to create a custom design for each processing, substrate, and handling need. 
As a result of having an innovative approach, in-house engineering, manufacturing and process knowhow, our process equipment enables manufacturing and measurements for high-tech industries. Our goal is simple; deliver a robust production/R&D platform customized to your needs with the best cost of ownership!

  • PVD thin films
  • Heat Treatment
  • Specials
  • GA (Contamination Control)

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New milestone for D&M Vacuumsystemen

oktober 13, 2014


New milestone: D&M Vacuumsystemen BV ships first inline PVD tool for Solar Cell Research. This this system has a loadlock in-out + proceschamber with 3 dual planar magnetrons for (co)sputtering 6 different materials for a back contact layers on different substrates. Our team is proud to work on this order and hopefully our dutch customer will set new new records on this machine!!