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CSi palletising


CSi palletising is a global leader in product handling at the end of production and packaging lines. The company provides a complete package from initial consultancy and design to production, assembly, installation and commissioning. Furthermore CSi provides all the relevant services required throughout the life cycle of the installation, 24/7 with service partners all over the world. CSi maintains a strong market position around the world with a spread of customers including manufacturers of fast moving consumer goods, distributors and the packaging industry. CSi has built this position on the basis of the reliability of its products and services, standardized but with a strong ability to design bespoke solutions. And furthermore its innovation and expertise, passion, drive and total commitment to customer satisfaction.

CSi palletising systems


CSi is the expert in the field of intelligent product handling and already realised many projects in many different countries. Our slogan is Creating Solutions Together, finding solutions together with our customers. Our extensive delivery programme enables us to offer the best solution for every situation. CSi’s project managament represents the highest levels of professionalism and customer  orientation.

CSi smart palletising


CSi smart palletising is the expert in the field of end-of-line palletising. Based on almost 50 years’ experience, CSi smart palletising delivers its solutions to the highest quality, guaranteeing minimal downtime whilst maintaining a competitive price.

We develop new industry standards together with our international partners making our smart palletisers flexible and easy to configure, along with fit for purpose solutions based on a modular design with standard components. Thus all our products come with a standard warranty of 3 years, short delivery times and fast plug & play installation.

CSi financial services


Through our finance division, CSi financial services, many projects have been delivered based on lease arrangements and not direct purchase contracts. Thus giving our customers more flexibility in the way projects are procured and requiring less capital outlay. CSi Financial Services provide a range of financial solutions, from operational leasing of a simple i-Pal end-of-line robotic palletiser, to financial lease of more complicated automated materials handling systems. Even performance contracts are possible where CSi takes full responsibility for the performance and the output of the system.

CSi lifecycle services


To ensure our customers can use their equipment carefree, CSi lifecycle services offers complete support throughout the total life cycle of material handling equipment. We know that for our customers it is critical that their palletising system is operational at all times and thanks to our certified engineers, we make sure that happens, creating maximum Value of Ownership.

CSi palletising has its head office in Raamsdonksveer (Netherlands) and has sales offices in Germany, United Kingdom, France, Russia, USA, Mexico and China. Moreover the company has a production facility in Romania and Palletising Application Centres in Romania, Mexico and China. Worldwide the company employs around 600 people.


CSi stack-mate

november 17, 2018

CSi smart-Pal palletiser

februari 22, 2018

The mobile palletising solution by CSi palletising.

CSi smart-Pal animation

A flexible palletising solution from CSi: mobile, affordable and compact

Van Passie naar Droombaan op RTL4

januari 22, 2018

Inspirerend programma waarin Sonja Silva en Dounia Rijkschroeff mensen op weg helpen om van hun passie hun droombaan te maken. CSi is te zien via deze link vanaf 12.55 tot 18:06


november 18, 2017

Tijdstudies in een pilot project hebben laten zien dat de tijd die nodig is voor de installatie en inbedrijfstelling van conveyors bij de klant met minimaal 40% kan worden beperkt. Hierdoor worden zowel de projectkosten als de verstoringen in het proces bij de klant verminderd. CSi heeft actief gezocht naar oplossingen om de tijd voor installatie en inbedrijfstelling te minimaliseren en heeft daar nu met succes de eerste stappen in gezet. Lees meer

CSi i Pal Yaskawa

september 18, 2017

No need for programming through proprietary robot languages any longer

september 13, 2017

One of the benefits of the Yaskawa DX200 controller is that the robot is programmed using the same Add-On-Instructions as used in the Rockwell Automation programming environment. Operators and maintenance technicians that are already familiar with the Allen-Bradley PLC can now easily program the work-cell and robot with minimal retraining. This makes integrating the robot systems into an Allen-Bradley standardized production line much easier.

TAROS layer palletiser

september 11, 2017

CSi Palletizing In-Plant | Kondracki Group

augustus 7, 2017

CSi Packaging, Inc. gains foothold in USA

mei 6, 2017

High Tech bedrijven CSi 170506

With a 40% growth year over year since its start in 2010, CSi Packaging has become the true leader in post-press automation technology. Across the world, customers are choosing to upgrade their plants with CSi equipment. The opening of a new facility in Richmond, VA starts the next chapter of this success story. The Richmond facility, which includes a demonstration floor / workshop, will be the home base for sales and service in the US. In the coming years, other production capabilities will be added. Read more

CSi drone palletising

april 29, 2017

Case picking met drones

maart 25, 2017

High Tech bedrijven CSI industries 170327
Er zijn al veel artikelen verschenen over de mogelijke toepassingen van drones in de industrie, maar slechts een bescheiden aantal heeft het niveau gehaald van een functionerend prototype. Op de Interpack beurs kunnen bezoekers een idee krijgen van de toekomstige mogelijkheden.


december 19, 2016

In over 200 applications all over the world the CSi TAROS palletiser has proven itself during the last 10 years. But after all these years it was ready for an upgrade like never seen before. Therefore we gave it a brand new design representing the technological sophistication of the machine. In comparison with robotic palletisers in the market it houses much more technical complexity.

Nieuwe generatie software voor productiebesturing

december 1, 2016


In fabrieken wereldwijd worden software besturingssystemen gebruikt die geprogrammeerd zijn met tools die zo’n 10 tot 15 jaar geleden zijn ontwikkeld. De huidige generatie van software tools levert echter een veel betere prestatie en is veel gebruiksvriendelijker. Dit heeft geresulteerd in een innovatieve software suite voor aansturing van apparatuur aan het eind van de productielijn, een programma met de veelzeggende naam MOre.

MOre garandeert dat bedrijven het uiterste uit hun end-of-production-line equipment halen.  MOre (www.MOresoftwaresuite.com) werd op 1 december gelanceerd.

Dynamic dosing

november 4, 2015