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Brilliance in BKL

BKL is a technical service provider in mechanics and mechatronics. We develop high-quality solutions enabling clients to work smarter, more efficiently and above all more safely: hoisting and lifting tools, industrial modules and machines. Our range of services include engineering, inspections, services and manufacturing. We provide services for partial processes and overall solutions.

Brilliance in Engineering

Smart engineering solutions can provide a considerable advantage. Just think, for instance, of more safety for your employees, more process efficiency and improved competitiveness.
BKL develops solutions to meet your requirements. As a technical service provider, we can provide the entire engineering process, from the definition phase until commissioning of the final product. Safety is of paramount importance to us. That is our engineering service for high-quality hoisting and lifting tools, mechanics and industrial modules.


Brilliance in Production

BKL is an OEM for OEMs. We supply high-quality work for high-tech companies. In terms of production, we have a wide range of employable skills. We are, for instance, the go-to company for built to print, or for fully operational machines according to your specifications. Prototyping and functional models are examples of other specialties, as are cleanroom assembly and repairs.
Our employees make all the difference: professional, driven and always “up” for a challenge. But above all we are guided by the principle that equipment should contribute to safe working conditions. This is something we never compromise on.

Brilliance in Inspection

BPbkl2We are safety experts and specialize in hoisting and lifting tools. As a manufacturer, we know these tools inside and out and as an inspection body we are ISO 17020:2012 accredited. We provide a broad range of services: from demonstrating the suitability for first use to conducting periodic inspections, tests and examinations.

BKL offers guarantees. Guiding principle in all our activities is our passion for safety. We leave nothing to chance and we do not compromise on safety.

Brilliance in Services

As a technical service provider in mechanics and mechatronics we combine knowledge and expertise in a broad service package.
We offer, for instance, consultancy, training, maintenance, repairs, reconditioning and tool management for your hoisting and lifting tools. This allows you to make use of additional capacity with which to create value, to increase efficiency and to promote safety.
A guiding principle for our work is our passion for safety. We leave nothing to chance and we will never compromise on safety. Our services are aimed at preventing incidents and dealing with (residual) risks in a responsible manner.

More information?

We would be more than happy to make time to discuss:
• the engineering solutions
• production
• inspecting, testing and examining
• the services


Introducing new Operations Manager

mei 12, 2020

Hello to you all. I am Edwin Vermue, and I began working as BKL’s operations manager in February 2020. The start at BKL immediately felt good: a warm welcome by the colleagues, a unique service proposition with a broad scope in our market combination engineering, manufacturing and testing, and above all safety as highest standard. Of course, alongside all this professionalism there is also a warm family feeling. Read more

Introducing new Engineering Manager

Let’s introduce myself. My name is Raymond van As and in January 2020 I got the opportunity to start as Manager Engineering & Projects at BKL. For me, it has been an easy decision to step into this new challenge as BKL has all ingredients for a bright future: unique service proposition, in-depth technical capabilities, unique combination of both engineering and realization competencies, strong partnership within the Anvil group, and last but not least, a warm and pro-active team! Read more

Decreasing work-related accidents

april 21, 2020

This article (Dutch) states that more work-related accidents have occurred in 2019 than in 2018. What can employers and employees do to reduce the risks of work-related accidents? Read more

Inspection of hoisting and lifting tools

april 3, 2020

BKL is an expert in safety ans specialized in hoisting and lifting tools. As a manufacturer, we know these tools inside and out and as an inspection body we are ISO 17020:2012 type C accredited. We provide a broad range of services: from demonstrating the suitability for first use to conducting periodic inspections, tests and examinations. Read more

Installation of inspection and repair system at Agfa-Gevaert

januari 2, 2020

Agfa-Gevaert is the producer of polyester-based films enriched with coatings for specific applications During production, these films are rolled-up on coils covered with a special nylon sleeve. To ensure quality, the sleeved coils undergo a regular quality check. Working closely together with Agfa-Gevaert, BKL has developed a special system enabling Agfa-Gevaert to perform these inspections and repairs in a more ergonomical and efficient way. Read more

C-Beam hoisting tool

november 11, 2019

At BKL we still develop smart tooling. One of our latest additions is this custom C-Beam hoisting tool. This C-Beam is designed to hoist a product into a hard to reach place.
The cart provided with the tool is made to move the tool into the cleanroom.

Of course special attention has been paid to safe use of the tool, and guaranteeing an optional cleanliness of the tool while being moved-in.

Tools for handling pumps & pump-stacks

oktober 23, 2019

Recently BKL installed a new toolset. This toolset is designed for servicing, transporting, storing pumps and pump-stacks. Read more

Hoisting tool for grade II cleaning

september 28, 2019

At BKL we still make smart tooling, safe. One of our latest additions is this hoisting, handling and securing tool. This tool is specially made to hoist a product into a grade 2 cleaning machine and securing it in a sound and safe way. Read more

BKL in Nuenen krijgt bij groep bedrijven van Vado extra kansen

augustus 7, 2019

BKL wil zijn hijs- en hefwerktuigen graag ook voor andere bedrijven maken dan alleen voor de hightech met cleanrooms. Het Nuenense bedrijf hoopt als lid van Anvil Industries, onderdeel van de nieuwe eigenaar Vado, te kunnen profiteren van groepsvoordelen. Lees verder [Bron: ed.nl]

VADO breidt Anvil Industries uit door overname BKL

juli 4, 2019

high tech bedrijven bkl 190704

Investeringsmaatschappij VADO Beheer uit Eindhoven heeft BKL uit Nuenen overgenomen. BKL is een gespecialiseerde technisch dienstverlener op het gebied van engineering en fabricage van hijs- en hefwerktuigen voor met name high-tech bedrijven in de optische en semiconductor industrieën. Lees verder

Installation of custom hoisting toolset (50t) in Germany

mei 15, 2019

high tech bedrijven bkl 190515

Recently BKL successfully delivered and installed a custom hoisting toolset for its customer in Germany.
The toolset has been developed and realized based on the specific requirements of the customer. For this project special attention has been paid to cleanliness, usability and safety. The toolset has been installed in a newly built cleanroom and will be used for integrating and servicing a state-of-the art measuring machine.

Machine safety during its period of use

maart 27, 2019

high tech bedrijven bkl 190327

In the previous article we focused on purchasing CE marked machinery. Once you selected and purchased a CE marked machine, it is your responsibility to keep it safe during its period of use. Read more

Accell bicycle frame test rig

maart 15, 2019

high tech bedrijven bkl 190315

BKL has developed a new kind of automated bicycle frame test rig for Accell Nederland. Accell Nederland is market leader in bicycles with popular brands like Koga, Batavus and Sparta. Read more

Risk assessment: How to determine adequate risk reduction?

juni 30, 2018

high tech bedrijven bkl 180630

In an earlier article the process of risk assessment is described. In this process it is necessary to determine whether adequate risk reduction has been achieved. That triggers the question: “What is adequate risk reduction”? Read more

BKL takes up art – Poetry Booster

maart 31, 2018

In the spring of last year, BKL was presented with an unusual request – we were asked to become involved in an art project – the Poetry Booster. We were intrigued and keen to take on this unique opportunity as it is different from our usual work.

CE marking: Documentation – A burden or common practice?

maart 21, 2018

high tech bedrijven bkl 180321

Lots of times we get the question: “Is all this documentation required for CE marking really necessary?”
As stated in the machinery directive 2006/42/EC Annex VII it is necessary.
But in this article we will explain what the purpose of all this documentation is and how you should generate this documentation.

2006/42/EC – Machinery – references of harmonised standards published in Official Journal – Updated

maart 14, 2018

high tech bedrijven bkl 180314

A new publication of titles and references of harmonised standards under Union harmonisation legislation has become available at Mar 9, 2018.

How to deal with changing (CE) safety requirements?

oktober 13, 2017

high tech bedrijven bkl 171013

How to deal with changing (CE) safety requirements?

When the same  tool or machine is ordered after many years  since its first introduction,  e.g. for replacement or expansion purposes, the new to be delivered product should comply with the latest level of safety, legislation and standards. Proper Lifecycle Management with respect to product safety and compliance is crucial to prevent disturbances in the customers operational processes. But what is the “latest Level of Safety”? And how to make sure your product remains up-to-date?

BKL expands

juli 18, 2017

high tech bedrijven bkl 170718

As a result of the positive developments in the market and the strategy chosen, BKL has experienced stable growth in the recent years. It is expected that this will continue and therefore needing more production and storage space.

How to ensure machine safety?

juli 11, 2017

high tech bedrijven BKL 170711

Do you have a machine that you want to put on the market, or do you have a machine that you want to use yourself? Then this machine should be safe for the people working on it or with it. Question is how do you ensure the machine’s safety. This all starts by performing a risk-assessment and risk reduction.

Successful pilot and Go-Live 3D CAD cloud computing with ASML

juni 13, 2017

igh tech bedrijven bkl 170613

Since many years BKL is a reliable Engineering partner for ASML. To ensure speed and stability of – mainly Engineering CAD – data exchange a dedicated leased data-line was in place.

This setup has been working well and efficiently but required both ASML and BKL to perform regular maintenance to keep the software installs in sync.

Be careful when modifying existing machinery wrt CE marking

juli 15, 2016

high tech bedrijven bkl 160716

In case you want to modify existing machinery, you need to determine whether the modification is a ‘substantial’ modification. If the outcome is that the modification is substantial, the machinery has to be treated as ‘new machinery’, requiring a new declaration of conformity and new CE marking.

Safety first

april 21, 2016

high tech  bedrijven bkl 160421

‘Safety is paramount: we will never take concessions on that’, says Jean Pierre Heijster in the control room off the ‘rolling road’ test bench. Article BKL Engineering B.V. in Link Magazine, Special Issue, Dutch High-Tech, April 2016

ASML Cleanroom for EUV

november 17, 2015

BKL Engineering B.V. has developed and built the Lift & Rotate Tool which is used in ASML’s Cleanroom for EUV.
Watch the below video of ASML’s Cleanroom for EUV:

BKL is ready for the future

oktober 2, 2015


During the Holland High Tech Event 2015, we have gained a better understanding, in our known, but also new market segments and technology fields. As a result, we are able to devine our Technology Roadmap. To our surprise, we were also the winner of a balloon ride with the Holland High Tech Balloon.

New Company Film BKL

juli 9, 2015

In this corporate video the 4 services of BKL are explained: Engineering, Production, Inspection and Services.

Young Tech Tour during the Dutch Technology Week 2015

juni 4, 2015


During the Dutch Technology Week, on June 2nd, the focus was on the Young Tech Tour, for students of the secondary school VMBO, HAVO and VWO.

BKL Services s.r.o. in Brno

januari 26, 2015


BKL Engineering B.V. is proud to announce the opening of the new company location in Brno in the Czech Republic: BKL Services s.r.o. By opening the new company location, BKL has entered the Eastern European market which provides scope for growth and development.

John de Smit wint prijs OC Nuenen

augustus 1, 2013

John de Smit van BKL Engineering is maandagavond (6 januari 2014) uitgeroepen tot Nuenens Ondernemer van het Jaar 2013. Dat gebeurde tijdens de nieuwjaarsreceptie van Ondernemerscontact Nuenen (OCN) in Het Klooster. De 125 leden van OCN droegen 30 kandidaten voor. Daarvan koos een jury onder leiding van Willian Groenen drie genomineerden. Behalve John de Smit waren dat Jan Coppelmans van rioolbedrijf COR en Christ van den Akker van IT Pro. De jury koost uiteindelijk voor De Smit. Lees artikel Eindhovens Dagblad.