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Technobis mechatronics

Since 1996 specialized in carrying out complete product development projects, going from an idea to a successful turnkey product, prototype or series product. One of the main challenges in product development is the translation of the high level specifications drawn up by specialists to a technical design which results in a correctly functioning product. This requires people who are used to cooperate with specialists and work within consortia to realize the most multidisciplinary instruments.


Technobis fibre technologies

Since 2006 specialized in the development and supply of fibre optic sensing systems and modules for demanding applications. All developments are spectrometry and or interferometry based. Starting with free-space optics, nowadays all new developments are based on integrated photonics. Application Specific Photonic Integrated Circuits allow custom and highly dedicated system designs for a versatile range of improved performance requirements.


Technobis ipps

Technobis ipps is a specialized solution provider for ASPIC packaging by supplying dedicated and mid-range volume packaging services. As ASPIC packaging requires complex dedication, our key values are thermal (and mechanical) stability, high performance, low-noise, low power consumption, easy but versatile integration, reliable and repeatable quality.


Technobis Crystallization Systems

Technobis Crystallization Systems is the leading provider of instrumentation to the pharmaceutical, chemical and biotech industries. Our instruments enable researchers to be more successful by providing innovative technology solutions for crystallization-related research.


Fiber sensing in Aerospace

maart 28, 2017

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Technobis, the most innovative Dutch manufacturer of Integrated Photonics based fiber sensing systems and devices has launched its new miniature fiber sensing product the AeroGator, which is specifically designed towards multi-parameter aerospace applications.

ASPIC Packaging

augustus 8, 2016

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Technobis mechatronics is designing a completely new, upscaled production line that will allow it to respond to the growing demands of external clients and the needs of its sister company Technobis tft-fos. This production line will be used to process bare optical chips into integrated, packaged photonic electronic assemblies also known as ASPIC (Application Specific Photonic Integrated Circuits) packages.

Gator PIC based interrogator

augustus 1, 2016

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The beauty of fibre optic sensing is the versatility of its applications. The slender fibres on which the technology is based can be installed almost anywhere without impairing their ability to measure useful physical parameters accurately. The possible applications are almost endless … but who would have imagined that that fibre optic sensing would pay off in a racing car?

10 Years of pioneering work in solid state research

juli 25, 2016

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Technobis Crystallization Systems is a pioneer in the field of solid state research and has developed a number of unique proprietary technologies. Our mission is to help researchers all over the world in their work by providing smart, fast solutions based on our unique innovative technology, knowledge and expertise.

Multi-Project Packaging Run (MPP)

juli 22, 2016

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Technobis ipps have been offering a generic packaging process at very competative rates. By combining the packaging of one MPW run we can reduce the price of packaging of functional chips.

Technobis launches its new product family for EXTREME fiber sensing

juni 6, 2016

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Leading provider of EXTREME fiber sensing systems, Technobis is launching its new product family for fiber sensing based on Integrated Photonics, i.e. Application Specific Photonic Integrated Circuits (ASPIC). ASPIC technology supports existing and future sensing and monitoring solutions for challenging applications and stringent environments. Read more

Technobis Celebrates 20th Anniversary

april 2, 2016

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Technobis was co-founded in 1996 by CEO Pim Kat. The work regarded building and supplying of machines, while having a small backlog in deliveries.

EXTREME Dynamic Loading

november 27, 2015

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Last September we had the kick-off for the Horizon2020 project ‘EXTREME Dynamic Loading – Pushing the Boundaries of Aerospace Composite Material Structures’. With an ambitious objective, it’s an important next step in composites structures development.

Pim Kat receives EPIC Phoenix Award 2015 that Recognizes Entrepreneurship in Photonics

april 14, 2015


I’m really proud to receive this EPIC Phoenix award. It’s particularly rewarding for me to have been recognized and acknowledged in such a remarkable group of entrepreneurs in photonics. Thanks to these ambitious people and innovative companies we’ve made great progress in photonics as an enabling technology.” says Pim Kat, CEO and Founder of Technobis, after being presented with the prestigious award.

‘Binnenkort nemen we voor het eerst een bedrijf over’

januari 12, 2015

‘Nog geen twintig jaar geleden begon Technobis als een tweemanszaak in een caravanstalling in Heemskerk. Inmiddels werken er zo’n 35 mensen aan de nieuwste optische chips en de beste medische instrumenten, dé specialiteiten van ons bedrijf. We vallen onder de Topsector High Tech Systemen en Materialen.

VitaQ anesthesia instrument launched

november 19, 2014

After a period of development and prototyping Technobis is proud to tell the world about the VitaQ anesthesia instrument. In this article we will give a brief insight in the development trajectory of the instrument. Technobis was invited to participate in the development of the VitaQ anesthesia instrument / ICU ventilator on base of special know-how and medical equipment production in a certified facility.