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High-volume manufacturing of small, complex products presents numerous challenges: product life cycles become shorter, and there is ongoing miniaturization and performance advancement in products. These challenges call for solutions that: enable faster production with higher output; take up smaller floor space; ensure better overall performance due to improved implementation of critical processes. You need sound manufacturing solutions that enable you to bring new and existing products to market more rapidly. These solutions must support and strengthen your competitive advantage.

IMS specializes in turnkey solutions for the manufacturing of small, complex products. These solutions are based on a thorough understanding of your needs, a combination of innovative and existing technologies and an in-depth knowledge of manufacturing.


IMS makes products and processes makeable by means of scientific analysis, test set-ups and prototyping.

Leading Value

IMS develops high-tech manufacturing equipment and lines for complex assembly and manufacturing processes. This equipment is based on modular standards. When presented with a specific request for a manufacturing solution, IMS combines in-house know-how and experience with existing, available technologies and knowledge. This approach enables IMS to develop a manufacturing solution that dovetails with your specific requirements, far more so than off-the-shelf solutions, and which yields better results than could be achieved using standard components.

IMS manufacturing solutions raise your manufacturing performance to a higher level, providing you with a future-proof competitive edge

Do you have a manufacturing challenge for which you need a sound manufacturing solution? Feel free to take a look at or contact us directly by sending an e-mail to


IMS & Solar Team Twente: charging up for the win!

oktober 4, 2017

high tech bedrijven ims 171004

Solar Team Twente will be waiting impatiently at the start of the The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Darwin, Australia, together with 50 other international participants on Sunday 8 October. This is the top race for cars running on solar energy. This year, Solar Team Twente worked with a number of companies including IMS on the team’s seventh car: ‘Red Shift’.

IMS & Fraunhofer join forces

september 13, 2017

high tech bedrijven ims 170913

In this exciting era for the automotive market, technology evolves quicker than ever before. Autonomous driving and safety are key words, spoken by the big players in this field. Micro-optics play an important role in ensuring the passengers’ safety in this new automotive mobility. With years of experience in automating micro-optics assembly for smart devices, we are making the cross over to the automotive market. We are hitting the ground running and we joined forces with the experts at Fraunhofer Project Center at the University of Twente (FPC@UT).


juni 28, 2017

Chinezen kunnen razendsnel werken en verwachten dat ook van hun toeleveranciers. Machinebouwer IMS kan, samen met zijn ketenpartners, een zeer gecompliceerde hoogvolumeproductielijn in vier maanden ontwikkelen en bouwen en richting China op transport zetten. En als het echt nodig is, wordt er één per twee weken uitgeleverd. Snel spel van een – zo blijkt – ingespeeld team. Lees meer [Bron: KMWE & Link Magazine]

Automating quality inspection: how to automate and integrate manual inspection

juni 13, 2017

Mr. Dennis van den Broek, Process Engineer at IMS, will give a presentation on ‘Automating quality inspection: how to automate and integrate manual inspection’. 

He will elaborate on how we managed to find an answer to the question: how can you add the intelligence of an operator’s assessment to the automated process? 

IMS and Solar Team Twente: A strong partnership

maart 21, 2017

high tech bedrijven IMS 190321

For the third time in a row Solar Team Twente is using the steering system that was developed together with IMS. The steering system has proven itself in the previous races and the team is happy to get through with it.

AUBO: Robot automation within reach for SMEs.

februari 10, 2017

high tech bedrijven ims 170210

The WWINN Group helps customers enhance their production capabilities, with advanced production equipment, consultancy and service. 

New tattoo needle production machine in existing production line (Phase 2)

oktober 15, 2016


Article phase 1 – How to produce more tattoo needles at the same quality

Imagine an existing production line; one that is already in use. Would it be possible to add a new production module to it in order to achieve complete production automation? By working with IMS standard platform ProMicro it is. With this platform, a production line is modular and can be expanded to suit customer requirements. Not only can process units or components be added to the production line, but a whole new ProMicro based production module may be integrated.

Meeting a short-term demand for automotive sensors

september 28, 2016


If you’re the world leader in the development of sensors and you are faced with a sudden, increased demand in your component, how do you react? That’s right: you step up production, even if it means getting outside help. This was exactly the situation Sensata Technologies found itself in. After having worked together with IMS for many years, Sensata turned to us again. With a basic agreement, both parties consolidate their collaboration on new products and production methods.

The most compact, accurate robot available: Meca500

augustus 8, 2016

high tech bedrijven ims 160808

ESPS is proud to announce it has joined forces with Canadian robot developer Mecademic.

Mecademic logo

Mecademic designs, develops and manufactures the most compact and accurate six-axis industrial robot arms on the market.

One example of such a robot is the Meca500.

Meca500 is the first of a new category of small industrial robots: smaller than small and ultra-compact.

ESPS preferred system integrator VIDI Systems

juli 25, 2016

high tech bedrijven ims 160725

ESPS is to proud to announce that we have been appointed as preferred system integrator for VIDI systems

VIDI, established in 2012 and based in Switzerland, is revolutionizing the industry by commercializing the first Deep Learning-based image analysis solution dedicated to the machine vision market. The partnership with VIDI means access to state-of-the art knowledge in deep learning for machine vision. A welcome addition to the selection of technologies already on display in our Robotics Experience Center.

ESPS starts Experimental Garden for Smart Industry Robotics

juli 19, 2016

high tech bedrijven wwin 160719

We just had our kick-off meeting for the new project ‘RECap’ and thought we would inform the public about this new initiative in Smart Industry and robotics!

This project is a collaboration between several Dutch industrial firms and knowledge institutes in which an experimental garden is set up in ESPS’s Robotics Experience Center.

RECap means “Robotics Experience Center als proeftuin” (experimental garden).

IMS Production Automation – Corporate movie

juli 6, 2016

For over 40 years, we at IMS (Integrated Mechanization Solutions) have been developing and building production lines for small, composed products. Examples are production lines for pressure sensors used in cars and (production lines) for camera modules used in smartphones. This movie shows an overview of how we put our competences and experience to work to provide our customers with a permanent advantage on their competitors.

Twentse bedrijven werken aan flexibele productiemiddelen voor smart industry

mei 14, 2016

Bedrijven moeten tegenwoordig flexibel kunnen reageren op de snel wisselende vraag naar nieuwe producten. Hiervoor hebben ze flexibele machines nodig waarmee ze die producten in elkaar kunnen zetten (‘handen’), software om het hele productieproces te besturen (‘hersens’) en vision systemen waarmee ze de kwaliteit bewaken (‘ogen’). De Twentse bedrijven Integrated Mechanization Solutions (IMS), VIRO en Focal ontwikkelen daarom in het SLIM2-project nieuwe productiemiddelen voor de ‘smart industry’. Lees meer [Bron:]

Automating a manual production process for an automotive product

maart 21, 2016

Automotive industry supplier Donaldson found ESPS through a referral. When approaching their robot specialist DENSO for partial automation of their production line, Donaldson was recommended to hire us as their robotic integration partner. Based on the DENSO robots, ESPS can deliver a complete automation solution.

Making a production process simpler and more flexible

maart 15, 2016

high tech bedrijven ims 160315

SPS has developed a flexible manufacturing system which makes this customer’s producton process faster, simpler and flexible. We combined robotic systems such as DENSO robots, with an Eyefeeder, vision control units, and bowl feeders.

Automating a manual production process for an automotive product

maart 5, 2016

high tech bedrijven mis 160305

Automotive industry supplier Donaldson found ESPS through a referral. When approaching their robot specialist DENSO for partial automation of their production line, Donaldson was recommended to hire us as their robotic integration partner. Based on the Denso robots, ESPS can deliver a complete automation solution.

IMS and VIRO develop generic control software for 4.0 production platforms

februari 20, 2016

high tech bedrijven IMS 160220

IMS and VIRO have been collaborating for many years. Their latest collaboration concerns the development of generic control software for the new generation, flexible production platforms used in the ‘Industry 4.0’ production environment.

How robotic systems make a production process faster, simpler and more flexible

februari 8, 2016

high tech bedrijven mis 160208

Recently, ESPS was contacted by an important producer in the agricultural sector. The client was looking for a way to integrate production processes, which included a self-developed drilling process. Cutting costs and completely automating this process were the main goals for the client.

IMS App: Production lines in new reality

februari 3, 2016

high tech bedrijven mis 160203

Within Industry 4.0 trends such as hyper connectivity and big data, the collection and comprehensive evaluation of data from different sources, are becoming more and more important.

This also happens in the process of selecting production automation solutions and throughout the cooperation with suppliers of these solutions. Production companies want to receive as much information as possible, to make sound decisions.

Production equipment assembling 2 million automotive component pieces a year

december 12, 2015

high tech bedrijven IMS 151211

For years, the production automation experts of IMS have worked with Vernay, an automotive industry client (see box), having built various assembly machines. Vernay operates in a growing market. This growth is mainly caused by European laws and rules for reducing exhaust emissions. The task at hand involves automating the assembly of a small automotive component, which is positioned in the high end of the market.

Designing a complex, compact, fast and lightweight trayhandler

oktober 29, 2015

For the value engineering of a tray handler to be integrated in its ProMu generic production platform, IMS collaborated with KMWE, a specialist in high-tech machining, assembly and engineering/development. The challenge was to reduce the cycle time for component placement, to make the module lightweight and to integrate the previously external tray handler within the clean ProMu environment.

After a steep learning curve, a series of ProMu production lines equipped with the latest generation of tray handlers is now being shipped to China.

This story is published in Mikroniek Magazine.
You can read the complete article as PDF file, via this link.

Industry 4.0 – the IMS Way

oktober 5, 2015


METIS 4.0 is a production line with three important characteristics:
· scalable in production capacity
· flexible in process sequences
· re-configurable in lay-out

Features and Specifications

The new solar car ‘Red One’

juli 9, 2015


Last Friday, Solar Team Twente presented the new solar car: the Red One. With this solar car, Solar Team Twente aims to fulfill its dream: victory in October during the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia. The unveiling took place during the busy first edition of the Out of the Box Festival at Enschede Airport Twente. IMS is proud partner of the Solar Team Twente.

IMS develops smart industry production platform and presents app

januari 29, 2015

Anticipating trends such as smart industry, hyper connectivity and big data, Dutch company IMS is developing a production platform more flexible than ever before. Next to that, IMS launches an app, on which we elaborate later on in this press release.“More and more products are adapted to the customer’s wishes, as well as production line requirements,” says Director Sales & Marketing Markjan Vermeer.

How to produce up to 10 million medical components

januari 27, 2015

In the medical industry, precision and reliability are the keys to success. In order to secure high-volume orders, every tiny detail needs to be perfect. And this is exactly why promising ideas end up on our table. Discover how a medical supplies producer ramped up its production capacity through a collaboration with IMS.

Collaborative and flexible Robotic systems

december 22, 2014

In partnership with Universal Robots, ESPS currently works on a concept to integrate a collaborative and flexible robot in an assembly line. The robot is equipped with a flexible servo gripper from Robotiq. The robot from Universal Robotics is tested in the ESPS tool shop. Collaborative and flexible are key features of this robot.